Recording Sales Transactions and Creating Forms in .NET

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14 Recording Sales Transactions and Creating Forms
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Figure 14-9: Use this dialog box to assess nance charges.
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11. Choose the printer name and type and the paper type, and select whether to print lines around each eld. Indicate the number of copies. 12. Click Print.
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Cash versus accrual accounting in sales transactions
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In 7, you learned that a transaction in which a customer pays for goods or services at the time of delivery or performance is called a cash sale. Delivery and payment occur simultaneously; there is no need to send bills or maintain accounts receivable. A receipt issued at the time of sale documents the entire transaction. Payment may be in the form of cash, check, or credit card. In contrast, a credit sale is a two-step transaction. Delivery of goods or services is the rst step, and payment is the second step. An invoice or statement re ects the delivery or performance.
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Payments are recorded at a later date, as discussed in 17.
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It is important not to confuse the term cash sale with the terms cash-basis accounting and accrual accounting, which were introduced in 4. Cash sale describes how a single transaction is handled. On the other hand, cashbasis accounting identi es the method by which a company reports all of its
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244 Part III Preferences and Data Management
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transactions on its Pro t and Loss Statement. As you may recall from 4, cash-basis companies do not recognize a transaction until a payment (for example, cash) is actually made or received by the company. In contrast, an accrual-based accounting system recognizes a transaction at the time a legal right or obligation to payment arises. Both cash-basis and accrual accounting systems recognize cash sales, but only an accrual-based accounting system recognizes all types of credit sales. For example, cash-basis and accrual systems treat the issuance of an invoice in dramatically different ways (if you can call accounting dramatic). An invoice is a form used to document a sale for which payment will occur at a later date. An invoice documents both a company s legal obligation to provide goods and/or services and its legal right to a payment. Issuance of an invoice is a recognizable accounting event for accrual companies, but it is not necessarily a recognizable accounting event for cash-based accounting systems. Accrual systems recognize and record an accounting event as having occurred at the time the rights to payment and delivery arose. Cash-based companies recognize an accounting event only to the extent that there has been a reduction in inventory or a payment along with the issuance of the invoice. Table 14-2 summarizes how cash and accrual accounting systems recognize cash sales, invoices, and statements.
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Table 14-2 Cash versus Accrual Recognition
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Cash Cash sale Invoice Statement Y N N Accrual Y Y N
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Accounting Jargon
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In accounting, regardless of whether the term cash is used to describe an entire accounting system or a single event, it is used synonymously with payment by credit card or check. These forms of payment cash, credit card, and check are referred to as cash equivalents. For accounting purposes, the dollar value and legal rights associated with cash equivalents are assumed to be identical to the value and rights associated with payment in actual dollars.
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Recording and Tracking Customer Payments
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QuickBooks allows you to easily record all types of customer payments and quickly allocate them to one or more invoices, including payments for sales that have not previously been invoiced. This Receive Payments window, shown
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14 Recording Sales Transactions and Creating Forms
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in Figure 14-10, allows you to enter speci c information about each payment. To enter a customer payment, follow these steps: 1. Go to Customers Receive Payments (or click the Receive Payments icon on your Customer Navigator screen). The Receive Payments window shown in Figure 14-10 appears.
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Select payment method
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Unpaid invoices
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Click to apply discounts and credits
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Payments are automatically applied
Figure 14-10: Use this window to record customer payments.
2. Select an option for the Received From eld from the drop-down list, or choose <Add New> from the Received From drop-down list to set up a new job if you are tracking by the job. After you select the customer, a list of unpaid invoices appears in the window. 3. Select a payment method from the drop-down menu. QuickBooks allows you to select cash, check, barter, or credit card methods of payment.