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traits in 2001. Despite its prominence in the agricultural biotech industry, Monsanto s stock performance hasn t been immune to the slide in market performance, or to the limited acceptance of agriculture biotech in the EU and other global markets, as illustrated in Figure 3.18. Another example of merger activity is the formation of AgrEvo, the German agricultural biotech rm owned by Schering and Hoechst, which merged with Rhone Poulenc to form Aventis. In the late 1990s, AgrEvo ac quired Mitla Pesquisa, Sementes Ribeiral and Sementes Fartura seed com panies, and Biogenetic Technologies B.V., which owns Proagro, the second largest seed company in India. AgrEvo also acquired PlantTec Biotechnolo gie and GeneX and entered into relationships with Cotton Seed Interna tional Proprietary Ltd., Gene Logic, Center for Plant Breeding & Reproductive Research and Lynx Therapeutics. Bayer purchased Aventis CropScience in 2002, forming Bayer CropScience, the second largest crop protection company at the time. Dow AgroScience, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, began as a joint venture in 1989 between the Agricultural Prod ucts Department of The Dow Chemical Company and the Plant Sciences business of Eli Lilly and Company that resulted in the creation of DowE lanco. In 1997, The Dow Chemical Company acquired DowElanco, and
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2001 2002 2003
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FIGURE 3.18 Monsanto Stock 2001 2003.
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Source: Monsanto
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the new wholly owned subsidiary was renamed Dow AgroSciences. The company subsequently acquired Mycogen Seeds, Brazil Seeds, Cargill Hy brid Seeds, and the Rohm and Haas Agricultural Chemicals Business. Dow Agroscience also formed alliances with Seed Genetics Inc., Performance Plants Inc., BioSource Technologies Inc., and Illinois Foundation Seeds. Syngenta, the global agriculture biotech company that offers a wide range of fungicides, herbicides, and over 400 seed crops, including insectresistant corn and herbicide-tolerant soybeans, illustrates the interrelated ness of the pharmaceutical and agricultural biotech industries. Moving backwards through the Syngenta family tree, the company was formed by the merger of the Novartis agribusiness and Zeneca agrochemicals business in 2000. Novartis, which began in 1996 with the merger of Ciba and Sandoz, acquired the crop protection division of Merck in 1997, and secured access to the seed market by acquiring interest in Eridania Beghin-Say, Agra, Agrosem, and Koipesol Semilla. Ciba was formed by the 1970 merger of the original Ciba and Geigy. Each merger and acquisition brought additional agricultural biotech nologies into the nal Syngenta fold. For example, the original Geigy be gan production of pesticides in 1935, and Sandoz introduced agricultural products in 1939. The newly formed Ciba acquired Funk Seeds Interna tional, and Sandoz acquired Rogers Seed Company and Hilleshog Seed Company. In the mid-1990s, Ciba was the rst company to introduce transgenic corn in the United States. In the late 1990s, Zeneca acquired the plant biotech company Mogen.
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Of the secondary markets in the biotech industry, agriculture biotech is the most closely linked to the pharmaceutical industry. As discussed above, many of the chemical companies turned pharmaceutical companies and ac quired major stakes in the agricultural biotech markets. There are many obvious synergies in the two areas, including a common reliance on chemi cal science the use of genomics to create new products. In this regard, agri cultural biotech is potentially more successful, in terms of the number of biotech products on the market. Another major similarity in the two areas of biotech is the reliance on the legal system for pro tability. Success for the pharmaceutical industry is tied as much to legal maneuvering and patent protection as it is developing new blockbuster drugs. Similarly, success and even survival in the agricul tural biotech market is dependent on numerous legal agreements on acqui sitions, licenses, and associations, as well as passage of favorable legislation at the national and international levels.
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