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The prospect of funding for military-related projects in the United States is extremely good, given the $6 billion, 10-year research and development proposal for Project BioShield. The project is a major component of a gov ernment initiative to fast track the development of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics for anthrax, smallpox, and other biologicals. The project is intended to foster the development of relevant biotechnologies, accelerate their testing and approval, facilitate their production, and plan for their distribution and use. The initiative touches the major stakeholders univer sities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and the medical community. It s also likely that many of the technologies developed for biotech warfare will have civilian applications. For example, researchers at Fort Dietrich Army Base, Maryland are experimenting with gene vaccines for anthrax. Gene vaccines are based on pieces of DNA that are blasted with air guns into skin and cells. Once inside, the DNA forces the cells to pro duce harmless pathogen proteins, which trigger a therapeutic immune re sponse in the vaccinated patient. Similarly, several of the major pharmaceutical rms are experimenting with gene vaccination technology to treat diseases that are unresponsive to conventional vaccination tech niques. For example, in April 2002, Merck announced that one of its HIV
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gene vaccines induced immunity in half of the 300 subjects in an ongoing phase 1 clinical trial. In addition to direct technology transfer, there is also the prospect of accidental secondary markets for technologies. Given the funding owing into the military biotech initiatives, it s likely that many of the innovations will have civilian applications, from hospital information systems inte grated at the national level, to at-home biodetector chips that consumers can use to detect and identify a variety of bacterial and viral infections. For example, Kleenex tissue was originally developed for gas mask lters in World War I to replace cotton, which was in short supply because of its use as a surgical dressing.
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From a business perspective, the military and homeland security represent signi cant growth industries for biotech companies with access to the U.S. military-industrial complex. Outside of the United States, however, the prospect of military investment in biotech is less clear. The best business prospects may involve defensive developments, given the worldwide back ing for the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, which entirely pro hibits biological warfare. The measure, which was under negotiation for 10 years until it was rejected in 2001 by the United States, lacked an effec tive veri cation mechanism witness the Iraqi crisis in 2003. Advanced de tection and monitoring technologies may be able to address the veri cation challenge, making it or a similar measure viable.
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The history of biotech illustrates the interdependent threads of technologic and economic innovations that weave their way through time as civiliza tions wax and wane. Furthermore, as in electronics and other industries, the corporations and countries that host academic discoveries aren t neces sarily the ones that enjoy the economic fruits of their labor. Biotech, like the surgical technology developed in India and lost to other cultures over the centuries, has the potential to markedly change hu man life as we know it. Not only does it have the potential to ward off dis ease and the effects of aging, but also it can provide the nutrition essential for the survival of an expanding, aging global population. Biotech can be a boon to those in less developed countries who are concerned with living from day to day, much less living well into their nineties, with having ac cess to food, and freedom from biologicals and other weapons is of pri mary concern.
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