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Evolution of the Technology
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The development of the rst generation of genetically engineered foods was focused on enhancing the bottom line that is, on providing enhanced yield, pest control, extended shelf life, with little regard for nutrition. For example, the rst commercial bioengineered crop, a tobacco resistant to a plant virus and a cash crop, was developed in China in 1988. Similarly, the rst bioengineered food product endorsed by the United States Food and Drug Administration was a form of chymosin, an enzyme used in the production of cheese. The natural form of chymosin is not only more ex pensive than the bioengineered version, but the supply tends to be erratic. What s more, because it didn t directly appear in cheese, there was no need to differentiate between bioengineered and natural chymosin on the pack age label. The rst engineered true food approved by the FDA for the United States consumer market was the Calgene FlavrSavr Tomato, introduced in the early 1990s. The tomato, created by inserting a gene from a pig into the tomato s genome, had an extended shelf life that meant it wouldn t rot in transit from the farms to the retail stores. Unlike bioengineered chy mosin, the FlavrSavr tomato was an economic disaster when consumers learned that the gene responsible for the FlavrSavr s resilience came from a pig. Despite the failure of the FlavrSavr tomato, by the end of the 1990s, there were over a dozen genetically modi ed crops in the United States de signed for high yield or for resistance to pesticides. In the area of pest control, the interest in creating genetically modi ed plants with built-in pesticides stems in part from the selectivity of the pesticides that can be developed. A major problem with traditional,
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broad-spectrum pesticides that are applied externally to crops, such as DDT and Malathion, is that they are associated with cancer and other diseases in humans and vertebrates, and have long-lasting, far-reaching effects on the environment. Another motivation for creating crops with built-in resistance to infec tion or insects is economic. For example, consider Monsanto s genetically engineered Roundup Ready/YieldGuard corn. It produces an insecticidal protein derived from a bacterial gene that makes it fatal to corn borer lar vae, eliminating the need for a farmer to use an insecticide. More impor tantly, from Monsanto s perspective, the corn has a built-in tolerance to Monsanto s Roundup herbicide, which means that only Monsanto s weed killer can be applied directly to the corn without stunting the corn s growth. In this way, Monsanto effectively eliminates competition for weed killer. Even though the genetically modi ed corn locks farmers into one brand of herbicide, within a year of its introduction in 2000, over a million acres of it were planted in the United States. The development of plants with enhanced yield and extended shelf life is a boon to many third-world countries, where the ability to produce more crops that last longer often means the difference between life and death for tens of thousands of people every year. In Kenya, where the sweet potato is a major staple, crop yields are limited by infection from insect-borne viruses that can t be controlled by agricultural chemicals. Bioengineered, virus resistant sweet potatoes were successfully introduced into Kenya in 2001 to combat the virus. Similarly, in 1998, Cornell University, the Uni versity of Hawaii, and Monsanto engineered a papaya that is resistant to the papaya ring spot virus. This variety now accounts for half of the pa payas grown in Hawaii. A similar virus resistant papaya has been engi neered for the Southeast Asian market. Buoyed by these and other successes the United States quickly took the lead in developing and planting genetically modi ed foods. Such foods meant increased pro ts for farmers because of enhanced yields and fewer losses for storeowners because of increased shelf life. As an indication of the R&D activity in the area of genetically modi ed foods, there were over 2,000 plant and plant-process patents awarded to United States universi ties and corporations by mid 2003. Research and development into agricultural activities in the biopharma ceutical industry are driven by simple economics. The traditional method of creating therapeutic proteins is to use expensive bioreactor facilities that can cost hundreds of millions of dollars and that require months to create a vaccine or other protein. Using a transgenic plant, such as corn, to manu facture a therapeutic protein, is potentially cheaper and faster than using a bioreactor. Once the crop is harvested, the protein is extracted from the crop, puri ed, and packaged for consumption. Currently in production or
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