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later case, mining the genetic pro les of patients with ovarian cancer can be used to identify markers of response to chemotherapy. Patients who aren t likely to respond to the chemotherapy, based on their genetic pro le, are spared the pain, expense, and lost opportunity cost associated with tak ing ineffective medication. Because of privacy concerns, patients who could bene t most from genetic screening often avoid it. These patients use private, at-home screening tests to make personal decisions about their health, often us ing the Web to verify their ndings. In doing so, they effectively remove their physician from the decision-making process. Furthermore, because many of the at-home tests aren t regulated by the FDA, the results may be suspect.
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An uncontrollable superweed that lls the air with high-allergenic pollen is only one of the new organisms that some scientists fear will result from proliferation of genetically modi ed crops. Genetically modi ed foods have been widely consumed in the U.S. since the late 1990s, in part because the population is unaware of the genetic manipulation of their food. In contrast, much of the European public is aware of the proliferation of ge netically modi ed foods elsewhere. Because of their concerns, governments in much of Europe have banned the planting, harvesting, or sale of geneti cally modi ed agricultural products. Despite numerous studies conducted in Europe and elsewhere, the potential for unintentional harm resulting from the accidental release of genes in the environment has not been resolved. This is in contrast with the certainty that biologically engineered supervirulent viruses and other pathogens represent an increased risk to society. The anthrax mailings in the United States in 2001 illustrate the ease with which someone or some group that has access to military biologicals can wreak havoc on the public.
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The most hotly debated issues over the future of biotech deal with moral ity, in that their resolution inevitably involves a discussion of personal and group beliefs, rather than the analysis of objective data. The harvesting and use of human embryonic stem cells, the cloning of humans, the practice of eugenics, arti cially extending longevity, and animal rights are all subject to moral interpretation by a variety of political and religious groups, as well as the scienti c and business communities.
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Embryonic Stem Cell Use The use of human embryonic stem cells for tis sue engineering and disease therapies is controversial because the cells are harvested from human embryos. Some groups assert that embryos are living humans and that harvesting human stem cells is a form of abortion. Others contend that because of the early age at which they are harvested, the stem cells don t represent sentient life. In either case, the state laws in the United States place signi cant limits on the use of hu man embryonic stem cells. The exception is the state of California, which actively supports stem cell research. Asian countries, including Singapore and mainland China, have per missive stem cell research policies. Given this, the initial breakthroughs in stem cell therapy will likely be made in these markets. Until the laws are changed in the United States, wealthy Americans and Europeans will likely have to travel to Asia in order to receive stem cell therapies. Human Cloning Even before the public outcry that accompanied the un substantiated Clonaid announcement of the birth of the rst human clone in 2002, the prospect of cloning a human was rmly rejected by the scien ti c community. In the United States, professional groups such as the American Medical Association (AMA) reject human cloning on the basis that the technology is immature, and a child produced by cloning would have a high risk of having a problematic, short lifespan. The basis for this stance stems from studies of nonhuman clones, including Dolly the sheep. Most of these clones died prematurely and suffered from diseases normally associated with much older animals. If human cloning becomes a viable commercial activity, it will likely spring from centers in Asia and elsewhere that have more liberal policies regarding cloning than countries in Europe or in the United States. Eugenics The selective breeding of humans is a concept that elicits a vari ety of responses, depending on the culture and even periods within the same culture. For example, the United States, like many countries in Eu rope and elsewhere, had a period of dysgenics in the twentieth century in which the weakest were kept from breeding. Today, expectant parents can use prenatal diagnosis and screening, as well as experimental germline gene therapy all forms of eugenics. The technology required to manipulate the genes in sperm and eggs is nearly mature, and designer babies with enhanced intelligence, athletic ability, and appearance are inevitable. Furthermore, in many countries, the practice of eugenics isn t elective, but is public policy directed toward so cial engineering. For example, China s one child policy effectively forces many families either to abort or abandon a female in favor of a male child.
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