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315. J. D. Jackson and L. B. Okun. Historical roots of Modem Physics, 73(3):663-680, July 2001.
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316. M.-T. Jaekel, A. Lambrecht, and S. Reynaud. Quantum vacuum, inertia and gravitation. New Astronomy Reviews, 46:727-739,2002. 317. M. T. Jaekel and S. Reynaud. Casimir force between partially transmitting mirrors. Journal de Physique I, 1(10):1395-1409, October 1991. Online at 318. R. C. Jaklevic, John Lambe, A. H. Silver, and J. E. Mercereau. Quantum interference effects in Josephson tunneling. Physical Review Letters, 12(7): 159-160, February 17, 1964. 319. J. Janszky and Y. Y. Yushin. Squeezing via frequency jump. Optics Communications, 59(2):151-54, August 15, 1986. 320. J. M. Jauch. Gauge invariance as a consequence of Galilei-invariance for elementary particles. Helvetica Physica Acta, 37:284-292, 1964. 321. J. M. Jauch. Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA,1968. 322. J. M. Jauch and C. Piron. Generalized localizability. Helvetica Physica Acta, 40:559-570,1967. 323. E. T. Jaynes and F. W. Cummings. Comparison of quantum and semiclassical radiation theory with application to the beam maser. Proceedings of the IEEE, 51:89-109,1963. 324. J. Jeffers and S. M. Barnett. Nonlocal effects in propagation through absorbing media. Physical Review A, 47(4):3291-3298, April 1993. 325. J. L. Jimenez, L. de la Peiia, and T. A. Brody. Zero-point term in cavity radiation. American Journal of Physics, 48(10):840-846, October 1980. 326. S. John. Strong localization of photons in certain disordered dielectric superlattices. Physical Review Letters, 58(23):2486-2489, June 8, 1987. 327. W. W. Johnson. Origin of the name "quaternions." The Analyst, 7(2):52, March 1880. 328. B. Jones, S. Ghose, J. P. Clemens, P. R. Rice, and L. M. Pedrotti. Photon statistics of a single atom laser. Physical Review A, 60(4):3267-3275, October 1999. 329. D. S. Jones. Generalised Functions, p. 71. McGraw-Hill, New York, 1966. 330. H. F. Jones. Groups, Representations and Physics. Adam Hilger, Bristol, UK, 1990.
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