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95. A. Cayley. On the application of quaternions to the theory of rotation. Philosophical Magazine, 33: 196-200, February 1848. Online at http://home.pipeline.conV hbakerIlquaternioni. 96. A. Cayley. On certain results relating to quaternions. Philosophical Magazine, 26(3);141-145, February 1945. 97. H. B. Chan, V. A. Aksyuk, R. N. Kleiman, D. J. Bishop, and F. Capasso. Quantum mechanical actuation of microelectromechanical systems by the casimir force. Science, 291:1941-1944, March 9, 2001. 98. K. W. Chan, C. K. Law, and J. H. Eberly. Localized single-photon wave functions in free space. Physical Review Letters, 88(10):100402, March 11,2002. 99. K. W. Chan, C. K. Law, and J. H. Eberly. Quantum entanglement in photon-atom scattering. Physical Review A, 68(2):022110, August 2003. 100. R. R. Chance, A. Prock, and R. Silbey. Molecular fluorescence and energy transfer nearinterfaces. Advances in Chemical Physics, 37: 1-65, 1978. 101. K. Chandrasekharan, editor. Hennann Weyl Gesammelte Abhandlungen, volumes I-IV. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1968. 102. Y.-J. Cheng and A. E. Siegman. Generalized radiation-field quantization method and the Petermann excess-noise factor. Physical Review A, 68(4):043808, October2003. 103. E. S. C. Ching, P. T. Leung, A. Maassen van den Brink, W. M. Suen, S. S. Tong, and K. Young. Quasinormal-mode expansion for waves in open systems. Reviews of Modern Physics, 70(4):1545-1554, October 1998. 104. J. C. K. Chou. Quaternion kinematic and dynamic differential equations. IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation, 8:53-64, 1992. 105. J. C. K. Chou and M. Kamel. Finding the position and orientation of a sensor on a robot manipulator using quaternions. International Journal of Robotics Research,10:240-253,1991. 106. S. Clark. The Only Fools and Horses Story. BBC, London, 1998. For more on this other del, see http://www.comedyzone.beeb.comlofah. 107. M. H. Cohen, L. M. Falicov, and J. C. Phillips. Superconductive tunneling. Physical Review Letters, 8(8):316-318, April 15, 1962. 108. C. Cohen-Tannoudji, J. Dupont-Roc, and G. Grynberg. Photons and Atoms: Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics. Wiley-Interscience, New York, 1989. 109. M. J. Collett and C. W. Gardiner. Squeezing of intracavity and traveling-wave light fields produced in parametric amplification. Physical Review A, 30(3): 13861391, September 1984.
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110. J. F. Colombeau. A multiplication of distributions. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 94:96-115. 1983. Ill. J. F. Colombeau. The elastoplastic shock problem as an example of the resolution of ambiguities in the multiplication of distributions. Journal of Mathematical Physics. 30( 10):2273-2279. October 1989. 112. J. F. Colombeau. Multiplication of distributions. Bulletin (New Series) of the American Mathematical Society. 23(2):251-268. October 1990. 113. J. F. Colombeau. Multiplication of Distributions: A Tool in Mathematics, Numerical Engineering and Theoretical Physics. volume 1532 of Lecture Notes in Mathematics. Springer-Verlag. Berlin. 1992. 114. J. F. Colombeau and A. Y. Le Roux. Multiplications of distributions in elasticity and hydrodynamics. Journal ofMathematical Physics. 29(2):315-319. February 1988. 115. J. Combrisson. A. Honig. and C. H. Townes. Utilisation de la resonance de spins electroniques pour realiserun oscillateur ou un amplificateur en hyperfrequences. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences. 242(20):2451-2453. 1956. 116. G. Compagno. R Passante. and F. Persico. Atom-Field Interactions and Dressed Atoms. volume 13 of Cambridge Studies in Modem Optics. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge. 1995. 117. A. H. Compton. A quantum theory of the scattering of x -rays by light elements. Physical Review. 21(5):483-502. May 1923. Online at 118. A. W. Conway. On the application of quatemions to some recent developments of electrical theory. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy A. 29: 1. 1911. 119. RJ.Cook. Photon dynamics. Physical Review A , 25(4):2164-2167. April 1982. In this paper. Cook rediscovered the Landau-Peierls wavefunction [387]. 120. R J. Cook. Lorentz covariance of photon dynamics. Physical Review A. 26(5):2754-2760. November 1982. Continuation of [119]. where Cook shows that his photon wavefunction formalism (basically. the Landau-Peierls wavefunction [387]) does not depend on the choice of Lorentz frame. 121. R J. Cook and P. W. Milonni. Quantum theory of an atom near partially reflecting walls. Physical ReviewA. 35(12):5081-5087. June 15. 1987. 122. P. H. Cootner. editor. The Random Character of the Stock Market. MIT Press. Cambridge. MA, 1964. 123. E. M. Corson. Second quantization and representation theory. Physical Review. 70(9-10):728-748. November 1 and 15. 1946.
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