The unofficial SUSE FAQ in .NET

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The unofficial SUSE FAQ
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An unofficial SUSE FAQ is maintained by Togan M ft oglu. It is available at http://susefaq The FAQ is based on traffic from the suse-linux-e list and is constantly being expanded and enhanced.
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Part II The SUSE System
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Other SUSE documents
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While various SUSE sites provide a number of useful documents, some of them are hard to find. This section can help you track down a few of these useful but elusive gems. (Many thanks to Lenz Grimmer for his help with finding these links.) The full documentation for AutoYaST by Anas Nashif is hidden away at:
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The Update-Media-HOWTO by Henne Vogelsang and others is at:
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Working with the SUSE 2.6.x Kernel Sources by Andreas Gruenbacher is at:
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The YaST2 Screen Shot HowTo by Stefan Hundhammer is at:
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Large File Support in Linux by Andres Jaeger is at:
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Finally, you can find several SUSE whitepapers here:
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SUSE Linux OpenExchange Server web sites
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In addition to the suse-slox-e mailing list mentioned previously, if you are dealing with the OpenExchange Server (SLOX), you have two useful web sites you can check out: is an unofficial user-supported site where users can post questions and answers. To post questions you need to create a login. is an official site provided by the Netline developers (who provide the groupware functionality in SLOX). The site is powered by SLOX itself, and you need to create a login to use the site, but this is simply a matter of filling in a web form.
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Topic-specific sites
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Certain topics, both in the area of hardware support and particular software projects, have a major web site with definitive information.
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For information on scanner support under Linux, go to
For printing on Linux, the definitive sites are and
A winmodem is a modem that performs much of its digital signal processing in software, rather than in hardware as traditional modems do. Offloading signal processing to software is
5 Documentation
cost-effective for the manufacturer because the physical modem requires less hardware and is therefore cheaper and easier to manufacture. However, winmodems are a constant cause of irritation to those who want to use dialup modems with Linux because most of the software components for these modems are available for Windows only (hence the name). The definitive site to turn to for help is
Wireless support
There is high-quality information on wireless support at Jean_Tourrilhes/Linux/.
For definitive information about support for graphics hardware under X, see
Major software projects
Many of the major pieces of software you might use on your SUSE system provide a wealth of information at the home pages for these software projects, in the form of documentation, mailing lists, and so on. Any time that you are going to be using a particular piece of software extensively, it pays to check on the project s web site for the latest information on that software. Some key software projects to check out include: Apache Samba Squid Postfix OpenLDAP MySQL
CrossReference For detailed information about these topics without searching the web, see the chapters dedicated to these software projects in Part IV of this book.
Some of the key Desktop Linux software projects also have their own web sites. The information provided at those sites is well worth checking out because project sites are typically the most up-to-date source of information about those projects. KDE GNOME and
Finding software
Some key web sites that should be among your first places to look if you are looking for open source software are: The FreshMeat web site and associated mailing list provide information about recently updated software packages and projects. A great German site that is nicely organized into logical groups of packages (development, finance, games, and so on).