Figure 5-1: Konqueror displaying the top-level man pages index in .NET

Integrated Code 128A in .NET Figure 5-1: Konqueror displaying the top-level man pages index
Figure 5-1: Konqueror displaying the top-level man pages index
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5 Documentation
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If you use Konqueror as your man page viewer, you can browse all the pages in a particular section simply by clicking the link, or you can find a page or pages by typing, for example, man:/crontab in the location bar (see Figure 5-2).
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Figure 5-2: Konqueror displaying the choice of man pages for crontab
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Part II The SUSE System
Of course, you can also print man pages like the one shown in Figure 5-3 from Konqueror if you wish (although they won t actually look as good as if you printed them from the command line, as described earlier in this chapter).
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Figure 5-3: Konqueror displaying man 1 crontab
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Info pages
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Info pages are another form of online documentation that work in a similar way to man pages, but that include a type of hyperlinking even in text mode on the console. These are particularly associated with the GNU utilities. For example, the command
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user@bible:~> info ls
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will display the info page for the ls command in an emacs-like viewer. If you move the cursor so that it is positioned over an asterisk, and then press Enter, you will follow that link to a linked page. The info command also provides a number of keyboard shortcuts to move around in the hierarchy of pages. Some of the most commonly used are the following: Tab Skip to the next hyperlink in the current info page n Move to the next node in an info page p Move to the previous node in an info page q Quit info and return to the command prompt
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5 Documentation
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u Move up a level Split the current window and display help containing a list of available info commands in the bottom half. To exit from this help window, press Ctrl+X+0. The command:
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user@bible:~> info
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gives you a menu that lets you reach all the info pages on the system. As with man pages, you may find it convenient to use Konqueror as a viewer if you are working graphically. If you just type info:/ into the location bar in Konqueror, you will get a menu of all available info pages. For example, if you type info:/du you will see the info pages for the du command (see Figure 5-4).
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Figure 5-4: Konqueror displaying the info page for du
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The SUSE Help Center
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In the default SUSE KDE desktop, there is a menu item and a panel icon (which looks like a life preserver) labeled SUSE Help Center. This calls the program khelpcenter. The Help Center displays the release notes for the current version and the official SUSE manuals in HTML format. It also replicates the tree of applications included in the cascading menus on the KDE start button and displays help information about a wide range of KDE applications. It also
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Part II The SUSE System
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offers the man and info page display discussed previously in the chapter and a variety of other documentation. Essentially this is a useful way to bring together many of the various sources of information installed on the system and to view the documentation in one place. The Help Center is searchable; the first time you attempt a search it will build an index under /var/cahce/susehelp/. Figure 5-5 shows what the Help Center looks like.
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Figure 5-5: The SUSE Help Center
Many packages on the system install at least some related documentation in the directory /usr/share/doc/packages/. Occasionally, badly behaved third-party packages will use /usr/share/doc/. The quality of the documentation found here varies. In many cases you will simply find a copyright notice and installation instructions that are irrelevant because they apply to building and installing from source. However, some packages install serious documentation here in the form of printable manuals in PostScript or PDF format. For example, if you install the unison package (a file synchronization program), you will find a file /usr/share/doc/packages/unison/ that is a 56-page PostScript manual for the program, which you can print or view with gv or kghostview.