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ne of the misconceptions that are still fairly widespread about Linux is that it is not well documented. This goes with the preconceptions that people have about the nature of open source software: they think that while proprietary systems come with copious glossy manuals, with Linux you have to be a programmer who can read the source code to understand the system. The truth is much more refreshing and interesting. In our experience it is usually much easier to find relevant and specific information about Linux and open source software than about proprietary products. The spirit of open source means that there are a variety of sources of good information about the software from official documentation provided by commercial vendors on the one hand to mailing lists, newsgroup postings, and other ephemeral information on the other.
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Using the SUSE manuals Using man and info pages Using the SUSE Help Center Package documentation Reviewing Linux Documentation Project resources Finding help online
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Finding Help on Your SUSE System
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Although this chapter surveys a whole spectrum of information sources about SUSE Linux and associated utilities, we will start with documentation that you can find on your system or in your purchased package of SUSE Linux, including the official SUSE documentation.
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The SUSE manuals
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Your copy of SUSE Linux Professional or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server comes with official printed documentation. The Professional version comes with two printed books: SUSE Linux Administration Guide and SUSE Linux User Guide. Although these are included in the boxed copy as printed paper books, you may not realize that they are also included on the installation disks in electronic form. They are also available in both HTML and PDF formats; the packages are called suse-linux-adminguide_en, suse-linux-adminguide_en-pdf, suse-linux-userguide_en, and suse-linux-userguide_en-pdf. For installation, these packages can be found under the directory /usr/share/doc/manuals/. The SUSE manuals have their strengths and weaknesses. They are very well produced and clearly printed; and the look and feel of both the printed and the HTML versions is elegant and easy to read. The Administration Guide should be regarded as a reference book. Its coverage of the system as a whole is remarkably good, and certain chapters provide good information that is hard to find elsewhere. The
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Part II The SUSE System
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installation chapter covers most common problems and includes short sections on setting up Logical Volume Management (LVM) and software Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID). The network section includes subsections on Samba, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), and Network Information System (NIS), and a good introduction to setting up the Domain Name System (DNS). All of this information is somewhat pared down, as a whole book could be written on any one of the topics, but the advantage is that the Administration Guide provides a description of setting up these services on SUSE Linux, using the YaST modules. The User Guide overlaps in some ways with the Administration Guide, including installation and configuration sections, but these are cut down to cover basic requirements only. The bulk of the User Guide consists of descriptions of selected desktop applications, in particular OpenOffice.org and the programs offered by the default KDE desktop (including the Konqueror browser, the kmail mail client, the k3b CD-burning application, the kooka scanning application, and others). It also has sections on the Mozilla and Galeon browsers and the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) image-editing application, and a chapter on multimedia in Linux. Finally, a section entitled Excursions offers an introduction to the bash shell and some command-line concepts. The SUSE Linux Enterprise Server printed manual is similar to the Administration Guide issued with 9.1.
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Man pages
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Man pages (man is short for manual) are the original form of online Unix documentation. Traditionally, command-line programs have associated man pages that are installed as part of the package that the program belongs to. To access a man page (for example the man page of the cp command), type man cp:
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