The calendar in .NET

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The calendar
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Any changes you make to your calendar through the web interface will be replicated to your Outlook calendar the next time you synchronize. This is also true for other groupware sections that map onto Outlook s functionality.
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To add a new calendar entry, follow these steps: 1. Select the Calendar section and click the icon that looks like a star. A screen like that shown in Figure 29-29 appears.
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Note The icons in SLOX are not always that easy to follow. It is usually a good rule of thumb that anything with a star on it means create. In the case of the calendar, this will create a new appointment.
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Figure 29-29: Creating a new calendar entry 2. As with most calendaring applications, you can select begin and end times for the entry, choose to make this entry an all-day event, select what date you wish to create it on, and also set a reminder for the entry. When you are happy with the calendar entry, click Save. 3. When the entry has been created, you can select that day on the calendar along the right side of the screen and check to see what your calendar looks like for that day.
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Jobs (tasks)
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The task list is actually called Jobs in SLOX. Many of our customers have found it annoying that there is a difference in the name between Outlook and SLOX. To create a new job, follow these steps:
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1. Select the Jobs section and click the new icon (the star!). A screen like the one shown in Figure 29-30 appears.
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Figure 29-30: Creating a new task 2. With the new task, you can set the amount complete, a due date, and a cost associated with the task itself. This is a kind of mini-project definition and not just a task that you may be used to. To commit the new task to the system, click the Save button. 3. When a task has been created, you can view it in the task list along with the millions of other things you probably have to do in one day (we all know that there aren t enough hours in the day, right ) by clicking the Jobs section in the main menu bar.
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Creating documents
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SLOX has the capability to manage your documents and versioning for those documents through the Documents section of its interface (see Figure 29-31). It is not the most ideal document management system in the world, but it serves its purpose. When you create a document, you can set a description and also an ACL for the file (by clicking Read access or Write access) so that other users can access it. When you have set the description on a file, click the File save tab to actually upload the file you want to version control (see Figure 29-32).
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Figure 29-31: Creating a new document
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Figure 29-32: Uploading a new file
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When the file has been uploaded, SLOX sets the size and MIME type automatically as well as the filename that users will see when they browse the document tree. When you have saved the file, you can view its details in the document tree by hovering your mouse over the entry.
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Tip When you upload a file, its details are stored in the database, but the file itself is referenced on the filesystem of the SLOX installation. The file itself will be saved under /var/opt/comfire/ filespool. If you are heavily using the document system, it is advisable to store the /var/ opt/comfire/filespool directory on a separately sized partition or SAN partition.
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Creating a note
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In SLOX, notes are called Pinboard entries. A note is just a small sticky note for you to remind yourself of something that can be displayed on your portal screen when you log into SLOX as a normal user. Again, these Pinboard entries are not as elegant as some people would like, but they do serve the purpose they have been designed to fulfill. To create a Pinboard entry, click the Pin board section and then the new icon (yes, the star). You can create your note in the screen shown in Figure 29-33.
Figure 29-33: Creating a note To save the note, click Save. The note will then be viewable from the Portal page.