Figure 29-3: Setting the root user password in .NET

Deploy Code 128B in .NET Figure 29-3: Setting the root user password
Figure 29-3: Setting the root user password
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Part V SUSE Linux in the Enterprise
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2. Configure the X Windows environment (see Figure 29-4). If this is a small internal mail server, you may want to configure X so that you can use the web browser on the server for configuration. We prefer to disable X and use a management node to configure the server over a web browser and also remove the X system completely because it is not needed for SLOX to run.
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Figure 29-4: X configuration 3. When you are happy with the X configuration, YaST will run SuSEconfig to commit the changes to the system. 4. As with the standard SUSE installation, you will be asked to configure ancillary hardware (see Figure 29-5). If you want to use SLOX to provide printing for your network, you can configure it here.
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29 SUSE Linux OpenExchange Server
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Figure 29-5: Configuring ancillary hardware 5. When you are happy with the hardware configuration, configure your network (see Figure 29-6). Select the network card you wish to configure for connectivity and press Configure to continue with the IP configuration. Web Forms code128 integration on .net
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Note When the network configuration is saved in SLOX, it is not easy to change it at a later date because some configuration for the running services relies on the IP address of the SLOX installation being static for the life of the installation. It is possible to change it, but it may prove to be more hassle than it is worth. With this in mind, make sure the IP address you need to assign to SLOX is the final address for your network.
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6. As with normal SUSE installation, enter the IP and subnet mask of the node (see Figure 29-7) and click Next.
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Part V SUSE Linux in the Enterprise
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Figure 29-6: Configuring your network
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Figure 29-7: Configuring the IP address of the SLOX installation
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29 SUSE Linux OpenExchange Server
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7. When configuring the name resolution (see Figure 29-8), you must be sure that your DNS server can do external lookups for Internet servers. This is needed because SLOX will have to do many MX lookups when sending mail to other Internet users. The domain name your SLOX server is given will also dictate what mail, out of the box, your SLOX server receives. For example, we have set the domain to be By default, SLOX is able to receive mail for without any further configuration. You can further configure SLOX once installed to receive mail for other domains, and we talk about this later in the chapter.
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Figure 29-8: Configuring name resolution 8. Set the default route for the SLOX installation (see Figure 29-9). 9. After the network has been configured, you will be returned to the network overview screen (see Figure 29-10); check your settings and click Finish to save your network configuration.
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Part V SUSE Linux in the Enterprise
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Figure 29-9: Setting the default route
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Figure 29-10: Checking network configuration
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29 SUSE Linux OpenExchange Server
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Configuring SLOX
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When UnitedLinux has been configured, you move on to the SLOX-specific configuration: 1. We will be configuring SLOX as an Internet facing mail server, talking to an external Domain Name System (DNS) server (Internet lookup capable). With this in mind, we will not configure an internal DNS or Samba server because this is not needed for the operation of the mail server and is very rarely used in an existing network.
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Note If you want to configure a DNS and Samba server, you need to set the workgroup (or Windows domain name) of the Samba server. For the DNS and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, you do not need to enter any more information for the servers to work. The configuration of Samba, DNS, and DHCP is then handled through the SLOX web interface. For more information on Samba, DNS, and DHCP, refer to s 18, 19, and 20.
2. To move past the DNS and Samba configuration and to continue on to the LDAP server configuration, click Next. LDAP server configuration (see Figure 29-11) is integral to the operation of SLOX because all configuration, user, and address book functionality is stored here.
Figure 29-11: Configuring the LDAP server As with the base used in 24, the LDAP basedn, it is very important to get this right the first time. Most people use the domain component (dc) to describe the Internet domain that refers to the organization. The basedn you choose will not impact how SLOX runs, but it is important that if you are using this LDAP server as your central authentication server and as a mail server that you choose a basedn that will fit in with your network.