Note You can also, if necessary, create separate ACLs for individual IP addresses. in .NET

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Note You can also, if necessary, create separate ACLs for individual IP addresses.
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Part IV Implementing Network Services in SUSE Linux
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User Authentication
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A common requirement is to add user authentication so that only known users within the network can get web access via Squid. The simplest way to do this is to make use of whatever authentication methods are available on the machine where Squid is running, using PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules). To do this, you need something like the following in /etc/squid/squid.conf:
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auth_param basic program /usr/sbin/pam_auth
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This says that you should use PAM for authentication: Whatever authentication method is valid will now be employed, whether it be /etc/passwd, NIS, LDAP, or some other method. (See 24 for a discussion of PAM authorization.) To force the authentication to take place, you need a line (after the one shown previously) like this:
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acl lanauth proxy_auth REQUIRED
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and a corresponding line later in the file like this:
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http_access allow lanauth
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Now when you try to access a web site for the first time from a client machine, you will see something like Figure 25-2.
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Figure 25-2: Authentication dialogue
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25 Setting Up a Web Proxy with Squid
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If you can now authenticate with a username and password known to the server, everything will work. Combining user authentication with the acl that defines the local network is best done something like this:
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acl lan src auth_param basic program /usr/sbin/pam_auth acl lanauth proxy_auth REQUIRED http_access deny !lan http_access allow lanauth http_access allow lan ... http_access deny all
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In other words, you deny anyone not on the desired network addresses before you force the authentication; then you allow the access from the network segment. As noted previously, if necessary, you can also set up separate acls for individual IP addresses. This type of authentication uses the standard HTTP authentication method. This means that username/password pairs are being transmitted across the network in base64 encoded form (that is, not simple plain text, but not encrypted either). If a method of authentication is being used that is also available for other purposes on the server (as with the pam_auth example), there is an inherent security risk, which could potentially compromise users accounts on the server. This risk is avoided with the digest_pw_auth method. For this you need lines similar to the following in /etc/squid/squid.conf:
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auth_param digest children 5 auth_param digest program /usr/sbin/digest_pw_auth /etc/squid/digestpw auth_param digest realm Squid proxy-caching web server
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Here you specify a password file /etc/squid/digestpw. You could have specified any suitable location for this file. With the current version of Squid, this file is a plain text file with entries of the form
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The passwords are stored in plain text (we understand this will change in future versions), so the file s ownership and permissions should be squid:root and 600. In other words, it should be readable and writeable by the Squid user and not readable by anyone else. Now when a client starts a session, Squid authenticates using the information in this file. However, this does not require a password to be sent across the network. Instead, the server and client each calculate an MD5 sum or one-way hash based on the password and the URL (and some additional per-session information offered by the server). The client sends the result of its calculation to the server, which compares them. Most browsers will cooperate correctly with this form of authentication. However, we have seen some problems with Konqueror, but Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Galeon, and Firefox all appear to work perfectly with it. The other authentication methods that are shipped with SUSE s Squid package are all installed into /usr/sbin/ and are msnt_auth, ntlm_auth, smb_auth, yp_auth, getpwname_auth, ncsa_auth, and squid_ldap_auth.
Part IV Implementing Network Services in SUSE Linux
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Thus, it is possible to use Windows, Samba, LDAP, or YP as the authentication method. However, for most of these, the remarks given previously about unencrypted passwords crossing from the client to the server hold true.