root@client: ~ # mount bible:/share /mnt o ro,hard in .NET

Build Code 128 Code Set A in .NET root@client: ~ # mount bible:/share /mnt o ro,hard
root@client: ~ # mount bible:/share /mnt o ro,hard
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In fact, hard is the default so you do not need to specify it explicitly. The NFS HOWTO recommends the options hard,intr unless there is a good reason to do otherwise. The option intr ensures that if the server is no longer responding, the program that is accessing the mount can be interrupted by a kill signal.
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21 Working with NFS
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You can also try to force the connection to be carried over the TCP transport rather than UDP by adding tcp to the list of options to the mount command. UDP is the default, and NFS over UDP is stateless; this means that the server can be restarted without breaking the connection, but it is also less efficient if any packets are being dropped on the network because if you use TCP, every packet is acknowledged and is resent if it does not arrive. With UDP, only the completion of the entire request is acknowledged. Other options to the mount command are rsize and wsize, which set block sizes in bytes for reads and writes, respectively. Performance can be expected to improve if these are set to 8,192 rather than the default of 1,024. The mount command looks like this:
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root@client: ~ # mount bible:/share /mnt o rsize=8192 wsize=8192
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Under some circumstances, better performance may be achieved with different values, but if these parameters are too far removed from their defaults, problems occur.
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Note Increasing these values is recommended because newer Linux kernels perform read-ahead for values of rsize greater than the machine page size, which on the x86 architecture is 4,096. So a value of rsize greater than 8,192 will improve NFS read performance. The value needs to be a multiple of 1,024, and should not be greater than 16,384.
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rcnfs start and rcnfs stop
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On a SUSE system, the operation of the NFS client is treated as a service and has its own startup scripts in /etc/init.d and the related command rcnfs. The commands rcnfs start and rcnfs stop (run as root) start and stop the NFS client service and mount and unmount (if possible) any NFS shares that are included in /etc/fstab. The unmounting fails if the mount point is in use. If the service nfs is not set to start in runlevels 3 and 5, the Network File Systems specified in /etc/fstab will not be imported until one of the commands rcnfs start or mount -a is issued (as root). If the NFS client service is set to start in its default runlevels, it will take a long time to time out if for some reason the server is unavailable when the client machine boots; this can be avoided by adding the option bg (for background) to the options in /etc/fstab. In this case, if the first mount attempt fails, it continues to try to do the mount in the background rather than making everything else wait until timeout occurs. The line you need in /etc/fstab might look like this:
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bible:/test /testmount nfs rw,bg 0 0
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YaST s NFS client module
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YaST s NFS client module simply writes information to the /etc/fstab file about NFS mounts that you want to be available there (and that you want to be mounted with rcnfs start). You can see an example of the module in Figure 21-1. The YaST NFS client module can be started with the command (as root) yast2 nfs or yast nfs for the text version. It is available through the YaST Network Services menu.
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Part IV Implementing Network Services in SUSE Linux
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Figure 21-1: Configuring the NFS client with YaST
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The NFS Server
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Two NFS server implementations are available on SUSE. One is the kernel-based NFS server; the other is an implementation that runs in user space and is included in the package nfsserver. If you use the kernel-based NFS server, you need the package nfs-utils. If you install the user space nfs-server package, you need to uninstall nfs-utils because the packages conflict. The description that follows does not depend on which implementation is being used.
Note The default kernel-based NFS server can be expected to give better performance. It has certain limitations including the inability to export directories that are mounted below the directory being exported. The user space implementation, although possibly slower, allows you to offer an NFS share that itself contains a subdirectory on which another filesystem is mounted. The client will be able to mount the share and navigate to that subdirectory, something that is not possible with the kernel-based implementation.
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The NFS server is started with the command rcnfsserver start. To run an NFS server at all times, you need to check that the following services nfsserver, nfsboot, nfslock, and portmap are all set to run in their default runlevels.
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