Working with NFS in .NET

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Working with NFS
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FS is the Network File System, which was pioneered by Sun and has become a standard in the world of Unix. With NFS, clients can mount filesystems across the network that are being offered by NFS servers and can work with them as if they were filesystems mounted from local disks. NFS is a simple and widely used method of sharing files across the network. In this chapter we look at how to mount NFS filesystems and how to set up an NFS server.
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Mounting NFS filesystems across the network NFS mount options
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Mounting NFS Filesystems
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A machine that is offering directories to share across the network by NFS is an NFS server. A machine that mounts one of these shares for its own use is an NFS client. First, we look at the client side of things; we will assume that an NFS server is available and look at how to mount a share that an NFS server is offering. At this stage all you need to know is that an NFS server on the network is capable of offering one or more of its directories in such a way that other machines on the network can mount them. For example, if you know that the server bible has made the directory /share available by NFS, you can mount the share on the client machine by a command as simple as this:
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root@client: ~ # mount bible:/share /mnt
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Setting up an NFS server Solving problems with NFS NFS security
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You should now be able to change the directory to /mnt and see the files that exist in the directory /share on bible.
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Tip If this command hangs, it is possible that portmap might not be running on client: check this with rcportmap status. If necessary, issue the command rcportmap start or rcportmap restart. Of course, the reason for the problem might be on the server, in which case it is more likely that you will see an error like the following: mount: RPC: Remote system error Connection refused
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Mounting NFS filesystems at boot time
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It is possible that you may want to mount particular NFS filesystems at boot time. You may also want to allow non-root users on the client to mount NFS shares themselves. In either of these cases, you will
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Part IV Implementing Network Services in SUSE Linux
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need to include a suitable entry in the file /etc/fstab. Just as this file controls the local filesystems that are to be mounted, it can also control the mounting of NFS shares. For example, with this entry in /etc/fstab on the client:
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bible:/test /testmount nfs user,noauto,ro 0 0
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any user on the client can mount (read-only) the specified directory from bible on the specified mount point simply by issuing the command mount /testmount. To force the directory to be mounted automatically, you might use the following:
bible:/test /testmount nfs rw 0 0
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This line in /etc/fstab ensures that the NFS share is mounted read-write whenever the system boots, provided that the service nfs is set to start in runlevel 3 on the client. See 3 for more information about the use of /etc/fstab for setting mount options for filesystems.
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Tip To see what filesystems are mounted (including NFS mounts), simply type mount.
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Using mount options
Most of the control over how NFS behaves is based on the server; however, there are some options to the mount command that make a difference. You may want to force a read-only mount (even if the server is offering the share read-write). At the command line, you type:
root@client: ~ # mount bible:/share /mnt o ro
In other words, mount the directory /share from the server bible (which is being made available by NFS) on the mount point /mnt, with the option (-o) to the mount command ro, which means read-only. You can also specify a hard or soft mount: Hard mount Ensures that in the event that the NFS server becomes unavailable, a program that is accessing the mount hangs but will be able to recover once the server comes back on line. Soft mount The NFS client will report an error to the requesting program; not all programs handle this correctly and there is a possibility of data corruption. To specify a hard mount, you add the keyword hard to the options (after the -o) for the mount command. For example: