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This sets what restrictions bind clients connecting over SMTP to the Postfix server. We discuss these settings when we discuss stopping spam later in the chapter.
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This specifies whether an SMTP connection should be initiated with the HELO or EHLO command. This should be used when trying to restrict non-standard servers trying to send mail to/through your server. If you wish to enforce strict rules for HELO/EHLO, also use the smtpd_helo_restrictions.
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If the HELO/EHLO requirement has been set, you can use HELO restrictions to enforce strict checks on what a connecting machine tells you is its host name.
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If you wish clients connecting to Postfix to have to strictly use RFC 821 envelope addresses (fully qualified and enclosed in angle brackets), then this option will deny any MAIL FROM: RCPT TO: non-RFC addresses.
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Tip It may be a bad idea to set this because there are many broken mail servers that assume they can get away without the angle brackets, and so on.
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This deals specifically with the recipient specified in the SMTP transfer (RCPT TO). You can tell Postfix to check that the recipient s address is fully qualified or that the recipient domain is hosted on the Postfix installation.
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A HELO is the first part in a handshake (so called because that is how we civilly start a conversation). When an SMTP server receives a HELO from the client, it then responds with the capabilities of the SMTP server itself. As the SMTP grew, more features were added. For backward compatibility, the HELO command responded with the very standard response of what the SMTP server can do. If an SMTP client can understand extended SMTP commands, it can start the conversation with an EHLO (Extended HELO). In response to this, the SMTP server tells the client what extra functionality it has. One of the main uses for EHLO is to initiate a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) SMTP connection.
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17 Mail Servers Postfix, Qpopper, and Cyrus
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This designates whether or not to enable SMTP authentication for connecting clients. By itself it will allow users to authenticate to the Postfix server, but you need to add permit_sasl_ authenticated to smtpd_recipient_restrictions to allow relaying when the user has successfully authenticated. You also have to set up your Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) password system correctly for the user/password database to be queried.
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This enables Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted connections to the Postfix server. For more information on providing an encrypted link to your mail server, take a look at www.aet
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This enables SMTP client requests. This will tell Postfix to make a secure TLS connection if it sees that the server it is sending mail to accepts TLS connections. To check if a server accepts TLS connections, connect to port 25 via Telnet and send ehlo <your_host_name>. If the server supports TLS, it will report a STARTTLS back to you in the extended HELO (EHLO) response.
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The location of the compiled alias databases. These could be stored in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Network Information System (NIS), or in a local aliases file that has been compiled with postalias.
This specifies the maximum size of the user s mailbox. This is relevant only to a standard mbox format. If you use maildir mailbox format, it refers to the individual message files, not all messages collectively.
This specifies the maximum size of a mail message coming into or leaving the Postfix server.
Postfix terminology and use
The configuration options we just discussed represent only a small amount of what can be done with Postfix. We now talk about how this all works together and what it provides to you as a mail server administrator.
Note Any parameter that starts with an SMTPD controls some part of an incoming SMTP-based connection. Similarly, any parameters starting with SMTP refer to outgoing (to other SMTP servers) connections.