Setting Up a Web Site with the Apache Web Server in .NET

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16 Setting Up a Web Site with the Apache Web Server
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Configuring Apache
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The main Apache web server configuration, located at /etc/apache2/httpd.conf, is a plain text file containing directives for controlling the behavior of the overall web server, web sites, or files as needed. The main configuration file can also incorporate Apache-related directives in other text files using the Include directive, and changes to the main configuration files are recognized only when the server is started or restarted.
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Note SUSE includes only Apache 2 in versions 9.1, 9.2, and SLES 9. This chapter contains configuration information that will help you get both Apache 1.3 and Apache 2 up and running because we feel that many readers may still have the Apache 1.3 installation and that they do not wish to migrate to Apache 2. If you wish to install Apache 1.3, go to ftp://ftp Peter Poeml of SUSE has created Apache 1.3 packages for SUSE 9.1 (current at the time of writing) that are unofficial to the distribution. SUSE is unlikely to support the packages, but they are made available at the choice of the developer.
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To configure Apache, to start the service, and so on, you must be logged in as root. To manage the granular control the web server provides, the configuration file is broken down into three main sections: Global Environment Section Directives that affect the overall operation of the Apache Web Server Main Server Section Configuration options dedicated to the operation of the primary web site Virtual Host Section Here you can apply the same configuration options available in the main server configuration section to any virtual hosts
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Note Virtual hosts are discussed later in the chapter.
The syntax itself for the configuration file is pretty straightforward; each line within the file contains one directive, and if needed, the backslash (\) may be used as the last character on a line to indicate that the directive continues onto the next line. Directives themselves are case-insensitive, but arguments to directives are often case-sensitive. As with many programming languages, the hash character (#) is considered the token to denote the beginning of comments; however, comments may not be included on a line after a configuration directive. Blank lines and white space occurring before a directive are ignored allowing directives to be spaced as needed for additional clarity. The syntax of a configuration can be checked before invoking the web server process by using the apache2ctl configtest tool provided by the ASF. For example, the following command-line argument tests the configuration file at /etc/apache2/httpd.conf. Note that if the configuration syntax is valid, apache2ctl returns Syntax OK.
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apache2ctl configtest Syntax OK
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Part IV Implementing Network Services in SUSE Linux
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However, if an error has been made for example, the DocumentRoot directive, which points to where all the main documents the web server serves for client requests are kept, is not defined then the configuration test returns the proper error message:
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apache2ctl configtest Syntax error on line 449 of /etc/apache2/httpd.conf: DocumentRoot takes one argument, Root directory of the document tree
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Should apache2ctl not be available on the system, httpd binary itself can also be used to verify the syntax of a configuration file:
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/usr/sbin/httpd2 -t Syntax OK
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Global directives
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As mentioned, the directives within this section affect the overall operation of the Apache web server; the most important of these options include controls for the number of concurrent requests the server will handle and how to treat those requests once they have been accepted, all of which directly relate to the performance of the web server at large. Depending on what version of Apache is in operation, 1.3 or 2.0, there are a number of options for controlling the management of Apache processes during runtime. The traditional processing model for Apache on Linux is known as Prefork. Within this method, upon startup the Apache parent process, running as root, creates a number of child processes, the number of which and user type are predefined in the configuration file using the user directive. The child processes handle requests on a one-to-one basis for resources managed by the web server. If a spike of requests is beyond the allotment of the currently running child process, the parent process will fork off more processes to catch up. The root parent process is, however, limited to a predefined maximum number of child processes because, among other things, creating additional child processes is a resourceexpensive exercise. Because forking a process is a time- and resource-consuming exercise, the goal behind the Prefork model is to have the child processes forked before they are needed. There are a number of directives for controlling the Prefork processing module, including: StartServers The number of server processes the parent process is to start with MinSpareServers The minimum number of server processes to keep available MaxSpareServers The maximum number of server processes to be kept available MaxClients The maximum number of server processes allowed running at any given time MaxRequestsPerChild The maximum number of requests a server process handles The following shows a typical Apache server performance configuration:
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