15-13: Synchronizing a Web Site Directory in .NET

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Listing 15-13: Synchronizing a Web Site Directory
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bible:~/www # rsync avrz e ssh www.palmcoder.net:/var/www/palmcoder/blogimages . receiving file list ... done blogimages/ blogimages/DSCN0156.thumb.jpg blogimages/DSCN0191.thumb.jpg blogimages/DSCN0718.jpg blogimages/dscn0456.jpg blogimages/palmcoder.gif wrote 96 bytes read 92643 bytes 10910.47 bytes/sec total size is 96350 speedup is 1.04
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You can see that we have chosen to copy a single small directory with multiple files. In this example, the rsync command uses the parameters -azrv that correspond to the following: -a Enables an archive mode that keeps all of the file attributes of the files you are copying. -v Verbose mode prints out so you can see the files you are copying. -r Recursive copying traverses the directory structure of the directory you are copying. -z Compresses the data stream. In this example, we have also told rsync to use ssh to connect to the server. You do have an rsync server that can be used, but most people just use ssh to transport data because many servers are running ssh and not the rsync server.
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Note In the example, when specifying the server (www.palmcoder.net), we also specified the directory to copy over, separated by a colon (:). As we have not put a forward slash (/) at the end of the blogimages directory, rsync copies the directory and its contents to our local machine. If a forward slash were added to the directory specified, we would copy only the contents of the directory and not the directory itself. Be very wary about this because it is easy to copy something you were not expecting if you miss a forward slash.
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If you want to make sure any files that were deleted from the server you were synchronizing from were actually deleted on the local machine when synchronized, you need to add the -delete parameter to the command-line options.
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15 Linux Networking
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If you need to download web pages or files from FTP quickly, you can use wget. It s a great tool to use if you need to get a file onto a server when you do not have a web browser, which is very common. The wget command is used only to transfer files over HTTP and FTP. It is not to be confused with something like rsync, which is a general network copy system. In its simplest form, all you have to do is pass the URL you want to download to the wget command (see Listing 15-14). This downloads the URL specified to the local directory.
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Listing 15-14: Downloading a File over HTTP to Your Local Server
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bible:~ # wget www.palmcoder.net/index.php --03:26:23-- http://www.palmcoder.net/index.php => `index.php Resolving www.palmcoder.net... Connecting to www.palmcoder.net[]:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: unspecified [text/html] 0K ........ 03:26:23 (59.59 KB/s) - `index.php saved [8608] 59.59 KB/s
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Here, you have an overview of how long it took to download the file and a real-time status indicator notifying you of how long you have left until the file has completely downloaded. You can also use wget to mirror a web site by passing the recursive (-r) parameter to it. As we are all kind and gentle Internet users, we do not want to recursively follow links in every HTML document we come across, and the default depth to traverse to is five. If you want to recursively get only the first two levels of a site, you use -l 2.
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bible:~ # wget r l 2 www.palmcoder.net
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Network Troubleshooting
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At some point or another you will have to fix network problems. It happens to the best of us and is an important part of the administration of a networked infrastructure. There are two very important tools at your disposal for diagnosing your network the ping and traceroute programs.
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The ping program sends an ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) packet to an IP address, asking the remote machine to send back an echo packet. The ICMP packet is very small in the grand scheme of things and puts very little burden on your network. It tests the
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