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What to install
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A bewildering variety of packages have emacs in their names. It is important to realize that there are two distinct versions of emacs included in SUSE: emacs and xemacs. This sounds as if one is for use in the text console environment and one in X, but it isn t as simple as that. GNU emacs (the package called emacs) runs in the graphical environment as well. At some point in history, there was a fork in the development of emacs, and a version of emacs with (at that time) better support for the graphical environment split off. This was at one time called Lucid emacs and is the ancestor of xemacs. In the case of GNU emacs, you can install the package emacs and emacs-x11 or you can install emacs and emacs-nox. By default, you will get emacs-x11, and if emacs detects that X is running, it will start in graphical mode by default. If X is not running, you will get emacs in text mode. If you want the text mode version all the time, you should install emacs-nox and not emacs-x11. You can independently also install xemacs if you want to have both emacs and xemacs on your system. In general, emacs and xemacs can use the same package files and (by a clever trick) can share their user configuration files. Almost everything we say here about emacs applies to xemacs also. It used to be that xemacs had a much nicer look and feel than GNU emacs when running graphically. That is no longer the case. As far as editing commands and modes are concerned, in almost all cases what we say applies to both.
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11 Text Editors
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Starting emacs
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If you start emacs from the command line (by typing emacs), then if emacs-x11 is installed and X is running, you will see something like Figure 11-8.
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Figure 11-8: emacs starting in X If you want to start emacs in an xterm or konsole window, type:
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emacs -nw
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Part III Using the Command Line in SUSE Linux
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The -nw option (think no window ) prevents it from starting in its own window and forces it to run in text mode inside the xterm or konsole window. You will see something like Figure 11-9.
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Figure 11-9: emacs -nw starting It is more likely that you will want to start emacs by opening a particular file. To do that, type the following:
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emacs file
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emacs nw file
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If the file that you name does not exist, it will be created when you first save the file. You can then start editing the file. Typing will instantly type to the editing buffer, which you see. Just doing what comes naturally will work fine now: The arrow keys or the mouse will reposition the cursor as expected and the Backspace key will delete backward while the Delete key will delete forward.
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Controlling emacs
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To issue commands to emacs, you use key combinations. In describing these, it is the convention to use C for the Ctrl key and M for the Meta key, which can be either Alt or Esc. So for example, to save a file, you do Ctrl+x Ctrl+s; this is normally written as C-x C-s. If you are running the graphical form of emacs, you can do some of the most common actions (such as saving a file) by clicking menu items (File Save).
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Note that the commands here are the default ones. The emacs editor is totally configurable, which means that you can bind a particular keystroke to any command you want. For example, C-x C-f is bound to the command find-file, which you can also run with M-x findfile. You can break that binding and bind the command to a different keystroke. You can also bind a keystroke to a command that you find yourself using regularly that has no binding (or one that you find inconvenient). To make such a change permanent, you need to add a line to your .gnu-emacs-custom file.
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The most important basic emacs commands are as follows: C-x C-f Find a file (that is, open it). C-x C-s Save the current buffer. C-x C-w Write the current buffer to a file ( Save as ). C-x C-c Quit. C-k Kill the rest of the current line. C-y Yank (that is, copy) the last killed text. M-w Copy the selected text.
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