Part II The SUSE System in .NET

Development Code 128 Code Set B in .NET Part II The SUSE System
Part II The SUSE System
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To create a new user: 1. Click Add. You will be presented with a dialog box very similar to what you see when you install SUSE, with YaST asking you about the user (see Figure 9-24).
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Figure 9-24: Creating a new user 2. To create the user, click Create. If you want to set specific settings for the user, you can select either Password Settings or Details. a. You can change quite a few things about how the user s password is used in the system. Click Password Settings. In Figure 9-25, you can see that you can set the amount of days before the user is warned of a password expiry (where they need to change their password), the amount of times the user can log into their account once their password expires (use -1 to allow them to always log in to their account once the password has expired), and the amount of days the same password can be valid, along with the minimum. You can also set the amount of time the account itself is active. For example, if you had a contractor on site for the next two weeks, you could set the expiry date to be two weeks in the future (in the format of YYYY-MM-DD). To save the password settings, click Next.
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9 Configuring the System with YaST
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Figure 9-25: Editing password settings b. To set specific account information for the user roger, click the Details button. You will be presented with a screen, shown in Figure 9-26, allowing you to change the User ID, home directory, the gecos field (a free-form field allowing you to enter any information about the user, like their description and so forth), the default login shell, and also the user s default group, along with any other groups the user should be part of. One of the most important parts of this section is the Additional Group Membership. If you have created other groups or are going to separate your users into specific groups, you can add the user to the group here. By default, normal users are associated with audio (to access the sound card), dialout (to access the modem), uucp (to access the terminal), and video (to access advanced features of the video card). 3. When you are happy with the settings for the user account, click Next. You are returned to the user information screen, where you can click Create to save the user to the system. 4. To return to YaST, click Finish.
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Part II The SUSE System
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Figure 9-26: Changing account settings
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Adding or editing groups
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To create or edit groups in you system, select Security and Users Edit and create groups. Similar to the User section, you are presented with a list of groups currently on the system (see Figure 9-27). You can select a group from the list and click Edit to change settings for that group, or click Add to create a new group. If you click Add to create a new group, you are presented with the screen in Figure 9-28. Here you can enter the group name, the group ID (it is safe to use the default), and also the option to use a password for the group.
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Note Users are able to change their default group for a session by using the newgrp command. For example, if user justin wants to change his default group from users (the default) to dev, he can use the command newgrp dev. If a password is set for this group, he must enter it before he can change to this new group.
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If you wish to add any users to this group, you can select them from the right-hand pane. When you are happy with the new group, click Next. You are returned to the group list, where you will see your new group in the list. Click Finish to return to YaST.
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