Configuring the System with YaST in .NET

Integrating code-128c in .NET Configuring the System with YaST
9 Configuring the System with YaST
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Setting Up Proxy Settings
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If your company uses a proxy, or you use a proxy at home, you can set a global system proxy that a large proportion of network utilities will try to honor. You can set up either an anonymous proxy or one with user credentials. The proxy configuration itself is not intelligent because all it does is inform your applications that the proxy should be a certain host with a username and password (if specified). It does not impact how the application communicates with the server. To set up your proxy configuration, select the Network Services icon after starting YaST, and select Proxy from the right pane. Next, enter your server addresses for your HTTP and FTP proxying services. If you need to configure a specific port number on your proxy, you can add this by appending a colon to the host name with the port number, as in Figure 9-6.
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Figure 9-6: Configuring local proxy settings
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Using NTP Time Services
Network Time Protocol (NTP) synchronizes your machine time with a centralized time server of your choosing. Time servers available on the Internet are usually a secondary source to a machine that acts as a central time server. Central (or primary) time servers are usually linked into an extremely accurate clock mechanism. To specify an NTP time source, select the Network Service icon in the left pane after starting YaST and then select the NTP Client option from the right pane.
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Part II The SUSE System
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Selecting the NTP Client option causes you to be prompted for the host name of an NTP source (see Figure 9-7). An excellent list of NTP primary and secondary sources is available at To ensure that your system automatically synchronizes itself with an NTP server, you should select the When Booting System radio button the default selection is Never, which effectively disables the use of NTP by your system.
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Figure 9-7: Configuring an NTP source It is customary to source your NTP synchronization to a secondary time server, and for primary servers to synchronize to secondary servers only for general use. Once configured, your machine will attempt to synchronize to the NTP server specified in the configuration window. If you wish to synchronize to more than one server, select the Complex Configuration button. Unless you are running a server that is extremely sensitive to time fluctuations, the default will usually suffice.
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Tip If you are running an SLP-aware NTP server in your network, clicking the Lookup button causes the system to attempt to discover an NTP service for you.
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Printer Configuration
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One of the biggest things that annoyed Linux users in the past was the configuration of printers. In the Windows world, the addition of a printer was painless, but in Linux it seemed the process was always marred by problems with drivers and configuration options.
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9 Configuring the System with YaST
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The Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) print drivers have helped to provide a unified printer architecture for Unix in general, and with distributions such as SUSE providing configuration front ends, the problems have become less apparent. To configure your printer: 1. Select Hardware from the initial YaST menu, and then Printer from the left pane. YaST displays the Printer Configuration screen (see Figure 9-8) and attempts to discover local printers to your machine and guide you through the installation of the printer as a default on your system.
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Note We will concentrate on the configuration of a network printer, but the principles are still the same if you are configuring a local printer.
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Figure 9-8: Adding a new printer to the system 2. If your printer is not local to the system, you will have to manually configure it. This is not as difficult as it used to be and is now as easy to do as it is in other operating systems. Click the Configure button, and you are taken to the Printer Type screen, shown in Figure 9-9, to select the type of printer you are configuring.
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