B RAW Processor Choices in .NET

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Appendix B RAW Processor Choices
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AB.3 Iridient Digital RAW Developer cool/warm tint control for shadows, midtones, and highlights, and perhaps the best sharpening and noise reduction algorithms of all the programs. The RAW Developer interface contains one main oating palette that contains a number of tabs, broken down into Input settings (incoming exposure, pro le, and color), Black and White conversion, Curves adjustments (including Lightness curves), Fine Tune adjustments (notice the unique tint controls for shadows, midtones, and highlights), Sharpen and Noise Reduction (the best, in my opinion), and Out (which lets you control how the images are processed out). The second oating palette shows the histogram.
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Adobe Lightroom 2.2
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Adobe Lightroom 2.2 is one of the best programs mentioned here, and it has a rich work ow environment. As well as processing RAW les, the program o ers good Digital Asset Management, which involves ways to add identifying notes to les, organize les, print directly from the program, produce Web sites, contact sheets, and more. Lightroom 2.2 is full of goodies. It has major sections that you choose from the top menu: Library (for le management), Develop (for RAW develop settings), Slideshow, Print (to
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232 Part IV Appendixes
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AB.4 Adobe Lightroom 2.2 interface
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print directly from Lightroom), and Web (to create Web galleries directly from Lightroom). As you look at the Develop tab, you ll notice the many similarities to Adobe Camera Raw. However, Lightroom contains many other goodies as well, lurking just under the histogram. There s a re ned cropping tool, a spot removal tool, a red eye reduction tool, a new and very cool gradient tool that allows adjustable gradients over the RAW image prior to developing, and nally a localized adjustment brush that allows very quick and quite good auto masking of selections, which you can then adjust in a variety of ways! I nd Lightroom 2.2 to be the program of choice in terms of experimenting with les. It s set up in a way that invites free-thinking exploration of image-tuning possibilities. It
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also o ers some fairly unique abilities, such as ways to easily choose parts of an image and apply adjustments to those areas only. Lightroom also works quite well in a twomonitor environment.
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Adobe Camera Raw
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The eighth window allows you to both save and load settings. You can save all adjustments that you make or choose just the ones you want to save. This o ers an easy way to save and apply particular looks that you like. A lot of folks are perfectly happy with ACR, and it certainly o ers an easy work ow. Click on a Canon CR2 RAW image le and it opens in ACR, adjust the RAW
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Appendix B RAW Processor Choices
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AB.5 Adobe Camera Raw interface image, and then send it on to Photoshop. For several reasons it s not a regular choice for me, but this has to do with many qualities and is not a critique of the program.
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I ve recently found turning o the Crop, Straighten, and/or Highlights & Shadows settings greatly improves Aperture s operating speed. You can click each setting box to turn it o to make other adjustments, and when you click them back on, all settings previously made in those areas are active again.
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Aperture 2
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Aperture 2 is a wonderful program from Apple (available only for the Mac) that s made big strides since its rst version. It s a
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full program like Lightroom 2, and to a lesser extent, Capture One. I nd there s an extra bit of quality I can pull from 1Ds Mark III les here that I can t get from the other programs, although as stated, they really are all very good. Aperture les often feel richer, more lm-like, and more like medium-format shots. The drawback is that even with a relatively fast computer, the program is slow. I generally work on a MacBook Pro with 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 4GB of SDRAM, on hard disks with a lot of room. This is a quantum leap over my previous G4 machine. That said, when I drag an adjustment slider in Aperture 2, I often have to wait for the program to catch up, and that sluggish feeling can be, truly, a drag. Similarly, an image that might process in eight seconds in Capture One could take a minute in Aperture 2.
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