Noise Reduction. All the programs in .NET

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Noise Reduction. All the programs
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have been improving their noise reduction algorithms. Some people prefer to apply noise reduction only once in their image-editing program; others use both opportunities to reduce noise at the RAW stage, as well as at the image-editing stage. Happily, there now exist many RAW software processors that do a very good job with Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III les. From another perspective, because there are so many RAW processors, the choices can be a bit overwhelming and the learning curve steep to become familiar with just one of these programs, not to mention several. For myself, I ve relied on several processors, depending on the job. Each one has unique abilities, as well as missing features, compared to the others. So far, rather than locking into one piece of software, I ve been
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Notice in gure AB.1 that the choices are quite simple, while at the same time, picture styles and crops selected in-camera are transferred over a feature that is unique to this program. There s a separate RGB window whose adjustments can be used along with the RAW tab s adjustments, as well as a Noise Reduction and Lens tab.
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Appendix B RAW Processor Choices
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AB.1 DPP s RAW controls
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Capture One Pro
With the current (as of this writing) version, 4.6, Phase One has a mature program that it has been developing and reworking over several years. Capture One Pro was always good, although it had many bugs to contend with due principally to the software being made to work with so many di erent camera systems. I nd the current version in most respects to be a delight, particularly in terms of speed. This program is fast, in terms of bringing up images, making adjustments, and processing images. Its color engine has been completely redesigned and is much better, particularly with skin tones. Sharpening and noise reduction are also
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much better than in earlier versions. It s my current software of choice when I need to work quickly, and particularly with images shot in low light. The program also o ers many ways to append IPTC data to les. Through working with the Capture One program over the years, Phase One has achieved a good balance between ease of adjustments and detailed control. The window shown in gure AB.2 is the Quick Control window, which has all the major adjustments in one interface: pro le, histogram, white balance, exposure, and HDR. You can even process directly from this window! There are separate tabbed windows for le management, tethered capture, color correction, optical correction, cropping, image
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230 Part IV Appendixes
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AB.2 Capture One window, looking at the Quick View tab sharpening and noise reduction, image information, and metadata. This is a very intelligently designed user interface! I nd Capture One Pro to have the best tethering software very solid and smart at this point. It s the best solution for making adjustments to a test image and having those adjustments be applied on the y to incoming images. The program works well now with two monitors, and so one screen can contain technical information for the digital tech as images come in, and the other can be a large preview of the current capture. And they are better-looking previews in terms of detail and color than ever before. The latest version of Capture One also allows you to capture images to two locations simultaneously; thus you can build a backup-drive le section as you shoot, rather than at the end of the day.
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Iridient Digital RAW Developer
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Perhaps not as well known as some of its counterparts, RAW Developer produces beautiful imagery. If pure image quality is your goal, then RAW Developer is certainly a contender. It has some unique tools, such as a lightness curve adjustment, independent
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