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include board meetings, group seminars, PR events, and huge parties for all the employees.
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operational speed advantages are hugely important at events, including fast focus point selection, AI Servo focus tracking, fast continuous shooting of up to six frames per second, and fast handling in terms of making camera setting adjustments (whether choosing the focus point or adjusting exposure).
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Highlight priority. Particularly for
outdoor events such as weddings, I ve found this to be a giant improvement from earlier 1Ds releases. I could always tell Canon images compared to medium-format images by the blown-out highlights. With Highlight Priority activated, this happens much less frequently. Skies have clouds, color, and tonality. They re not white. It is amazing! 10.3 The welcoming hostess at a formal wedding celebration. Shot unposed with ll ash. The shallow depth of eld helps bring attention to the hostess by pulling the background out of focus. Shooting parameters were discussed beforehand with the hostess in terms of images wanted. ISO 400, 1/125 second at f/1.2, ISO 400, 50mm 1.2 L lens.
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allows you to make large prints as well as crop tightly. Other cameras, such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, share this ability; however, they cannot operate as quickly in terms of FPS and focusing.
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10 Wedding and Event Photography
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10.4 Handsome and happy father of the bride. An on-the-go portrait, highlight priority worked well to hold detail in highlights and the blue sky. ISO 200, 1/400 second at f/2.8, ll ash, Highlight Priority.
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Canon L fast lenses. Nikon is getting some great results in low light and with new zooms, but Canon still has the edge on fast lenses. And for this photographer, at least, that s very important.
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Low-light shooting technique.
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Much better than previous iterations of the 1Ds series, at this point, the EOS-1Ds Mark III captures beautifully at ISO 1600 and sometimes well at ISO 3200. Not as well, perhaps, as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, however, particularly in JPEG mode.
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178 Part III In the Field with Your Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
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using the SD card to back up the CF card. Thus, if you have a catastrophic failure with the CF card, your instant backup is there. I tend to set my CF card to RAW and my SD card to JPEG small; that way, I get thousands of images on the SD card, and can still output 5 8 prints at 300 dpi from the les if needed. corporate work. Often you have to probe to nd out what is really wanted beyond neutral coverage. With weddings, there s a lot of scheduling to discuss, either with the wedding couple or the event planner. In particular, when the formal portraits are taken is a big decision. These are often the images that the couple is not overly interested in initially, but that end up being the most important images in terms of their legacy value for the couple, as well as the print order for the photographer. With corporate work, is it close-ups for the Web site or annual report Is it group shots capturing teamwork Often only when you ask will these choices be discussed and decisions made on the clients side.
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Know Your Client
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It s important to know your clients and what they expect of their particular job. I nd this to be especially true with weddings and
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10.5 An informal formal portrait, using a ring light with Octa Haze. The nature of posed portraits can be anywhere from dead serious to unabashedly playful as in this image. ISO 100, 1/25 second at f/7.1.
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10 Wedding and Event Photography
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With educational events, I ve found it s important to discover what values the client wants to be expressed; for example, what is the culture and unique character of the institution being portrayed This also applies to corporate jobs. These cultures and values are, in fact, di erent from one organization to another. One institution I shoot for is mainly concerned with showing diversity and team learning. Another business likes to focus on individual achievement. It took a year to discover what one major client, a Fortune 500 company, most wanted from me, whatever the job: a way to view and store their images in the smallest physical package possible due to how small the o ces are in the marketing department. The solution ended up being a bound booklet with big, framed contact sheets and DVDs in an insert envelope on the back page. Don t get me wrong the photography came rst but I swear this is what they appreciated most. Clients are clients!
moments that happen just once and need to be captured quickly, creatively, and technically well. This can demand much of your technical abilities, which you have to perform instantly, in the moment. You have to be in the right place, at the right time. You have to have the right lens on the camera. You often want to pre-set the camera s controls to get the image when it happens, and you might have just a second or two to do it. And there are no acceptable excuses for missing the shot. If you think it s easy, you haven t done this type of assignment. I suggest you try it once, or observe a photographer who is pro cient and quali ed at this type of work.