Metering Mode/Flash Exposure Compensation button in .NET

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Metering Mode/Flash Exposure Compensation button
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Depending on which control dial you turn while pressing this button, you can make your choice for the metering type you want, as well as for the Flash Exposure Compensation you want that is, how much under or over the initial setting you want ash exposure to be.
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With the Main Control dial. Press
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the Metering Mode/Flash Exposure Compensation button and turn the Main Control dial to choose between Evaluative Metering, Partial Metering, Spot Metering, and Center Weighted Average metering.
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FE Lock/Multi-Spot metering button
The Flash Exposure Lock, or FEL, button works in conjunction with EX Series Speedlites. It s used to lock the ash exposure at the desired point of the subject. Pressing the FEL button activates a pre ash, after which you take the picture along with a second ash burst. This method provides a more accurate ash exposure, although at the risk of being less spontaneous.
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With the Quick Control dial.
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Adjust exposure compensation for EOS ash, from 3 to +3 EV.
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Exposure Compensation/Aperture button
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With either control dial, this button, which is located on the top right of the camera, sets
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Back of the camera
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The back of the camera contains both buttons, 2 LCD screens, and the memory card storage area. Once you learn the location of
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1 Navigating the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
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the buttons and practice a bit, you ll nd it s a system that is designed to respond quickly to your shooting needs.
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With the Main Control dial. You re
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able to choose from the nine menu screens.
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Menu button
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Located at the top-left corner of the back of the camera, pressing the Menu button accesses the menu system, which you control by using the control dials. Here s how it works:
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With the Quick Control dial.
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You re able to choose a subject line within a single menu screen.
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With the Quick Control Set button
(located in the center of the Quick Control Set button). You re able to select one item within a single line on a single menu screen.
Info button Menu button
AE Lock/Reduce button AF Start button AF Point Selection/Magnify button
Quick Control dial Quick Control dial Set button
Playback button Erase button
O /On switch Protect/Sound Recording button
Function button
1.5 Back view of the Canon EOS 1Ds-Mark III
10 Part I Exploring the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Info button
Located next to the Menu button, the Info button controls what sort of information you view. Pressed by itself, basic user settings display on the rear LCD screen, including color space, Picture Style, shots remaining on each card, and date and time. If you press it after pressing the Playback button, four options become available for viewing image playback on the rear LCD screen.
AE Lock/Reduce button
Located to the right of the AF-ON button, this button has two functions, depending on whether you re photographing or playing back images.
During shooting. AE (autoexposure) Lock button. After pressing the Shutter button halfway, pressing this button locks exposure, allowing you to recompose your shot and maintain the same exposure.
Full frame. The image lls the
LCD frame, and above the image aperture, shutter speed, le number, and card number information are displayed.
During playback. Pressing this button reduces the image size in playback, all the way to a multiple-image contact sheet view.
Full frame with le information. Image type (RAW or JPEG and the size of the JPEG is) and le name are superimposed over the image.
AF Point Selection/Magnify button
Like its companion (the AE Lock/Reduce button) button, this button has two functions, depending on the mode:
Smaller image with histogram.
A smaller playback image appears next to a luminance histogram. Below this, many details are displayed: Exposure mode, Metering mode, Picture Style, color space, date, and sequence number.
During shooting. By turning the
Main Control dial, this button allows you to choose individual focus points (although I greatly prefer the Quick Control dial or Multicontroller joystick for this). However, pressing this button along with turning the Quick Control dial also gives you the choice of complete autofocus (all focus points light up, indicating the camera will choose the focus point).
Smaller image with RGB histograms. A smaller playback image appears next to three RGB histograms, one per color, as well as le type and sequence number.
AF start button
Located on the top-right back of the camera, the AF start button (which appears as AF-ON) initiates autofocus without changing any other values.
During playback. Pressing this button enlarges playback images on the rear LCD from the smallest contact-sheet view (nine images at once) to the largest view of a single image at 100 percent magni cation.