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Softbox control
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You can utilize various items to control the light output of softboxes. Most common these days is a soft grid, also known as a soft egg-crate, a fabric web containing rows of horizontal and vertical lengths of material that are tted together and attach with Velcro to the soft box. These modi ers fold up into a little pouch, great for packing. Available from Lighttools, Photo ex, and other sources, these grids can often cost more than the softboxes they go on. They can be ordered in various con gurations, often from 20 degrees to 60 degrees. I tend to use 40-degree grids most of the time. The
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Strobe modi ers
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Strobes are almost always used with modi ers, and these fall into several categories. What you re looking for is the right combination of throw, spread, wrap, hardness or softness of light, and controllability.
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7 Lighting Decisions
lower the degrees, the narrower the beam of light; the bigger the degrees the wider the beam of light.
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Umbrellas can range in size from the smaller, rain-sized umbrella units to something as large as 11 feet in diameter. The Paras, made by Sinar Bron, Profoto and others, have a unique light quality of being soft but also punchy and crisp. The Sinar Bron Para FB comes in 5-foot 7-inch, 7-foot 4-inch, and 11-foot sizes. Profoto supplies 5-foot, 7-foot, and 8-foot re ectors. Chimera makes an OctaPlus unit that quickly converts from 5 feet to 7 feet. I own an Elinchrom 74-inch Octa Light Bank, although smaller Octabanks are also available. Photo ex units are called Octodomes and are available in sizes from 3 feet to 7 feet. Some of the units, such as the Elinchrom Octabank, work o of a double-bounce principal, where the strobe is aimed into the umbrella, and then bounces back and through di usion material. This makes for a very soft, creamy quality light. An inexpensive and portable version of this setup is the Softlighter II by Photek (www.photekusa. com). It s an umbrella with a front di usion that collapses easily and delivers beautiful light. The Softlighter II is available in 36-, 46-, and 60-inch diameters.
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to be directed and shaped, umbrellas are not the way to go unless you have a large crew and plenty of ags and big pieces of foamcore to set up and control the light spread.
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Re ectors
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Re ectors are shells that t over the front of a strobe and are normally made by each individual strobe manufacturer for their particular units. There are a range of re ectors, from small units used to control just a bit of light fall-o when bouncing into ceilings, to long, narrow re ectors meant to throw a narrow beam of light a long distance. When re ectors are listed, normally the angle degree spread is listed alongside the unit. A light re ector commonly used these days is known as a beauty bowl or a beauty dish. This is a wide-angle unit that is normally white, sometimes silver, and usually in the 17-inch to 27-inch range. This is most often used to light the face and has a soft yet directional and punchy quality. You can also use a grid on some of the units that controls the spread of the light, as well as di usion socks to soften it. The most used beauty dish is probably the Profoto 65 Softlight re ector with 20-inch diameter, although I m partial to Elinchrom as well as Mola re ectors. Molas are special re ectors designed and manufactured by Walter Melrose in Canada ( The units are a bit heavy and unwieldy, but they create beautiful light. I own three of them. Their sizes range from the 22-inch Demi to the 43.5inch Mantti, each with unique characteristics. The re ectors can be di cult to
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