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Portable power
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Contrast Range. What is the exposure contrast range
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of the location, and how does that compare to the contrast range the camera can capture Reining in exposure is an early part of the plan to achieve a successful image. The EOS-1Ds Mark III has almost nine stops of contrast range. Particularly with Highlight Priority turned on, this covers a lot of ground.
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Exposure levels. What the ambient exposure is on
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location, and what exposure you can achieve in the studio, are primary concerns. The EOS-1Ds Mark III, with its greatly enhanced quality at lower light levels,
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122 Part III In the Field with Your Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
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opens up many possibilities for different kinds of lighting when, in the past, people shot only at ISO 100, sometimes up to ISO 400. And some still do. However, depending on the assignment, I ve seen strong results certainly through ISO 1600, once a photographer has her or his own sharpening and noise reduction techniques acquired and in balance with each other. I still think ISO 100 is the best looking, although I do believe advertising could certainly be shot through ISO 800, assuming your exposure and contrast range is under control.
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Many photographers have found the EOS 1Ds-Mark III to do particularly well in mixed lighting situations that tend to not render as nicely with Medium Format digital backs. Whether it s that the14-bit color range of the 1Ds Mark III has an advantage over the 16-bit color range of digital medium format backs in these situations or some other factor, the 1Ds Mark III integrates colors quite well. Color temperature is not only about the color of light sources a ecting the location. For example, what colors are the walls and ceiling A white ceiling o ers far di erent bounce light opportunities and a ects the room completely di erently than a light-green ceiling. Obvious, yes, but it is easy to forget when you are rst scouting a location. Remember to look up!
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Color temperature. Obviously
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more of a concern on location than in the studio, the color temperature of the light greatly impacts decisions on what lighting instruments to use. (For those who don t know, color temperature refers to the color of the light). At one point, strobe or very bright tungsten lights were the only real options, and any variances from pure daylight or tungsten color temperatures on location were overpowered by these lights. Now you have the option of working with lower light levels, which not only saves time and money, but also opens up beautiful qualities of light that couldn t be expressed as subtly using strobe. Is the location lit by daylight Tungsten xtures Fluorescents A mixture of di erent sources These all lead you to consider a variety of options that will be most appropriate for the particular assignment.
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Budget and schedule. Every lighting setup, no matter how big, has a budget and schedule associated with it. You might come up with a brilliant lighting setup, but if you have one hour available at the location and the setup takes three hours, it doesn t really matter. Knowing how long a lighting setup takes as well as costs, in terms of equipment and crew, is a skill gained only by experience. In the same way, learning what are the simplest and fastest ways to produce the richest look is a skill gained over time and treasured once learned.
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7 Lighting Decisions
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Lighting look. In my opinion, only
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after evaluating the basic realities listed here can the photographer think clearly about an actual lighting look that s appropriate to the desired layout and feel. Do you want the look to be dark and mysterious Bright and over-the-top cheery Do you want it to appear to be available light or enhanced available light (where it looks naturally lit but has edges, backlights and, so forth) Do you want the look to purposely appear more surreal, fantastic, theatrical, and not really connected to any light you d actually see in the real world These are all valid considerations.
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