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xx Introduction
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or on a tripod Do you use available light or mostly strobe Do you shoot action, portraiture, landscapes, events, products, fashion, or architecture All these elements come into consideration and a ect how well you can work in your chosen area with a particular system. As many of you know, image quality is just part of the equation. Reliability and operational speed are equally important for many of us, and here the EOS-1Ds Mark III shines. With speeds up to 6 frames per second, it s fast, has an improved viewing system (both looking through the eyepiece as well as viewing image playback on the rear LCD screen), and a shutter-release system that o ers minimal mirror-bounce vibration. It s not perfect, but it s very, very good. If you shoot solely in the studio, a Medium Format digital back and system might make more sense, and if you shoot solely available-light, then other options abound, such as the Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D3. The beauty of the 1DsIII is its exibility not King of any one shooting situation, perhaps, but Prince to all. As a people photographer who has worked with medium format digital systems, I nd it a pleasure to shoot with the 1Ds Mark III it s fast, it s not temperamental, it s quiet, shoots in low light, can shoot hand-held with slow shutter speeds, and more. It works well for me, and I hope it works equally well for you. The start of the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Digital Field Guide demonstrates how to navigate controls of the camera where they are, what they do, and the choices that are there for you. A strength of the camera is that while you can, in fact, just about pick one up and start shooting away, there are many choices and gems you might not be aware of that could be most useful in helping to improve your work, work ow, and shooting style. My own experience has taught me that it s worth the time to know your camera s capabilities as thoroughly as you know your own. The book then focuses on how to take advantage of the EOS-1Ds Mark III s various modes and settings to signi cantly aid you in obtaining the imagery you re looking for. The guide goes on to explore tethering, lighting decisions, plus the strengths and weaknesses of the camera in various shooting situations, including photographing people, advertising, events, architecture, and landscapes. At the end you ll nd information on maintenance, RAW processors, speci cations, and a glossary with terms used throughout the book. I hope you ll read the book in the order that works best for you. Whether from start to nish, during focused sessions (like getting the menus down) or as an in-the- eld aid when you need to troubleshoot a problem or look for options to help you make the best use of the camera during a particular shoot. Happy Shooting!
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Exploring the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
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1 The Basics of Your Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III 2 The Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Menu Systems 3 Choosing Settings When Preparing for a Shoot
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Navigating the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
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What s new at a glance Navigating the camera: buttons and dials Setting up memory cards View nder readout Live View
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he object of this chapter is to answer the initial questions you would have regarding how to operate the main controls of the camera, learn about new changes to the 1Ds Mark III system, and quickly gain the ability to begin operating the camera con dently and professionally. The 1Ds Mark III (along with the 1D Mark III) has a number of features that are new to the 1Ds/1D series. I ll describe some of these, as well as o er a road map identifying and explaining all the buttons and dials on the camera beyond the obvious ones, such as the Menu Light button and the Shutter button. The 1Ds Mark III continues to use a control system that usually combines pressing a button with turning one of the two control dials on the camera. Once you learn and understand this system, it becomes an interface that s easy and fast to work with.
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