Choosing Settings When Preparing for a Shoot in .NET

Implement DataMatrix in .NET Choosing Settings When Preparing for a Shoot
3 Choosing Settings When Preparing for a Shoot
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In AI Servo mode, the camera s focus con rmation beep does not sound, nor does the focus con rmation light illuminate. This doesn t mean focus isn t being achieved; rather, the focus is changing continuously as the subject is being tracked and future focus is being predicted. Refer to the Custom Functions menu tables in 2 for a wealth of options on how to customize AI Servo focus to your particular needs. This includes tracking speed, how to pause tracking using the AF-ON button, and so on.
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Automatic Focus
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In this mode, the camera chooses the autofocus point. Autofocus is activated by pressing the AF Point/Magnify button and turning the Main Control dial until the outer ring of focus points all light up simultaneously. Once you ve done this, the camera will choose the focus point by itself. Although this is not as predictable as single point focus, it s sometimes quite useful, for example, when you re shooting fast action shots with a lot of people in them. I use this function at times when I m shooting reportage and releasing the shutter without looking through the camera for example, holding
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3.2 A newly married couple tries to escape after the ceremony a great time for AF-AI Servo, in this case, single point AF-AI. 1Ds Mark III, 24-70mm L lens at 24mm, ISO 200, 1/640 second at f/4.0, Highlight Tone Priority.
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3.3 Celebratory moments can be a good time for autofocus, o -eye shooting. 35mm 1.4L lens, 1/125 second at f/2.0, ISO 1600. Speedlite 430 EZ with Fong Di user.
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48 Part I Exploring the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
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the camera low by my waist for a low angle, or over my head for a wide angle point of view looking downward. This method allows me to shoot from both low and high angles as well as to grab images that people don t pose for, as they don t expect the shutter to be released.
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Manual focus
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Some professionals still prefer Manual focus as the best way to obtain the most accurate focus. This certainly works with objects or subjects that are not moving; however, it is more di cult with moving subjects. It s a lost craft for many photographers, and many autofocus lenses don t have the right action or feel for successful manual focus. It s also quite di cult to focus with the standard focusing screen that comes with the camera; however, other screens exist that are easier to manually focus with, such as the Canon Ec-S Super Precision Matte screen.
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Be sure to set the C.Fn IV, Item 11Focusing Screen, choice to the focusing screen that s being used. If you don t do this, exposure might be o , as the exposure system needs to account for the di erent transmission qualities of each focusing screen. Also be sure to change this setting back to your normal focusing screen if you interchange focusing screens. If you re not sure what the name of the screen is, you can see it on the focusing screen tab if you look very closely, or use a lens as a magni er to read the screen s name.
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Improving autofocus
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There are several ways to improve your autofocus technique. Although it s usually okay to focus-lock by focusing and then reframing, Canon recommends using the focus point that s nearest the subject and thus requires the least reframing, particularly for subjects close to the camera. This is quite easy to do using the Multi-controller. There have also been a range of opinions regarding the accuracy of Canon lens focus attainment in AI Servo mode with both the 1D Mark III and the 1Ds Mark III. This applies to the most extreme circumstances, such as sports photographers shooting high-speed action with super telephoto lenses. A few folks have found that setting the AF Microadjustment to minus 1 for all lenses helps to obtain a higher percentage of tacksharp images. You can also try di erent settings of C.Fn III, Item 2, AI Servo Tracking Sensitivity. Factory-shipped in the central position, you can move the arrow from slow on the left to fast on the right, depending on your shooting situation. Other photographers have found no problems whatsoever with this issue, and so the point, once again, is to test out your own equipment and techniques for the challenges of each unique assignment, and test out before you re on the clock.
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