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Highlight tone priority
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E-TTL II ash metering Shutter curtain sync.
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Flash ring View nder info. during exposure LCD Panel illumination during Bulb Info button when shooting
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Table 2.3 C.Fn III Auto Focus/Drive
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Custom Function C.Fn 1 C.Fn 2 Function USM lens electronic MF AI Servo tracking sensitivity Description/Options Enables electronic manual focus after One-Shot AF for particular lenses. Allows AI-Servo tracking speed to be set from slow to fast.
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38 Part I Exploring the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Table 2.3 (continued)
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Custom Function C.Fn 3 C.Fn 4 Function A1 Servo 1st/2nd image priority AI Servo AF tracking method Lens drive when AF impossible Description/Options Choose between focus, focus tracking, and continuous shooting priorities. Instructs AI Servo focusing whether to stay on the main subject of focus or to switch focus to any closer subject that comes into view. Instructs the camera to keep attempting focus or to stop searching. Prevents super telephoto lenses from becoming extremely out of focus due to focus searching. O ers many choices on how AF works, including switching from One Shot to AI Servo as you hold the button down, when IS (image stabilization) turns on, and more. Allows you to make ne focus adjustments to individual lenses or all lenses mounted on the camera. This is normally not needed; use with caution! For instructions, see Appendix A. Enables AF points surrounding the chosen AF point to aid in focus; this is useful for moving subjects. Allows a choice of the inner 9 focus points, the outer 9, or all 19 AF focus points. Allows you to switch to the registered AF point by pressing the Multi-controller. Allows you to enable or disable automatic focus selection, as well as choose either the Main Control dial or Quick Control dial to enable automatic focus selection. Control whether AF point remains lit after focus is achieved. Choose Normal and Brighter settings for an AF point. Enables or disables the Canon Speedlite AF-assist beam. Allows the mirror to be locked up for tripod shooting to aid in minimizing focus blur due to mirror vibration. Allows you to choose the speed of both Low Continuous (1 to 4 fps) and High Continuous (2 to 5 fps) continuous-speed modes. Allows choices from no limits on a continuous shot count, to manual selection from 2 to 99 shots.
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Lens AF stop button function
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AF Microadjustment
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C.Fn 8 C.Fn 9 C.Fn 10 C.Fn 11
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AF expansion with selected point Selectable AF point Switch to registered AF Point AF point auto selection
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C.Fn 12 C.Fn 13 C.Fn 14 C.Fn 15
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AF point display during focus AF point brightness AF-assist beam ring Mirror lockup
C.Fn 16
Continuous shooting speed Limit continuous shot count
C.Fn 17
2 The Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Menu Systems
Table 2.4 C.Fn IV Operation/Others
Custom Function C.Fn 1 Function Shutter button/AF-ON button AF-ON/AE lock button switch Quick Control Dial in metering Description/Options Allows di erent ways in which the AF-On button can aid in focusing, such as turning Ai-Servo focus on and o . Allows you to switch the functions of the AF-On and AE Lock buttons. The Quick Control dial can be set to function in various ways when metering is active, from exposure compensation to AF point selection to ISO speed. Includes seven settings that you can assign to the Set button when ready to shoot. However, any of these settings will be overridden if Live View is enabled, at which point pressing the Set button shows the Live View image. Allows assignment of the Shutter and Aperture buttons to either the Main Control dial or the Quick Control dial. The turning direction on the Quick Control dial for shutter speed and aperture can be reversed if desired. Allows setting of the aperture, even if a lens isn t attached. This is included primarily for photographers who are switching a super telephoto lens between multiple camera bodies during shooting. Allows you to assign either the menu screen or rear LCD panel to view and adjust white balance and image size settings. Controls use of the Lock/Sound Recording button. The Normal setting is to protect an image, or record an audio note if pressed and held for two seconds. When set to 1, both control dials as well as the Multi-controller are set to O . This is useful if you want to lock all image settings. Use this setting to match the various choices listed to the focusing screen in use, to obtain correct exposures. The timer can be set from 0 seconds to 60 minutes.