Part I Exploring the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III in .NET

Integrated Data Matrix barcode in .NET Part I Exploring the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
26 Part I Exploring the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
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User De ned Styles. Canon leaves
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space for three User De ned Styles, which you can set up and retrieve to implement whenever you want. You can access these menus in the same way as the other Picture Styles, and can make choices regarding the level settings of Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation and Color tone. The following series of images is the same RAW 1Ds Mark III image, processed using four di erent Picture Styles in Canon s DPP software. Other than the same identical slight center dodge, the images were untouched in Photoshop.
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2.4 Neutral Picture Style
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2.3 Standard Picture Style
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2.5 Monochrome Picture Style
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2 The Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Menu Systems
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JPEG quality. This setting allows
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you to choose the quality of JPEG capture in other words, the amount of compression. The higher the number, the lower the compression, and thus the better the quality. However, higher quality also means larger les. Most people leave this number at 8. You also can set individual quality levels for each JPEG size available.
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For scouting locations or non-serious snapshot moments, having a lower-quality setting greatly increases the number of les that can t on a card. Just remember to return the setting to your normal quality level before you start your real shooting.
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Image size. This setting allows you
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to specify the image size for each card in the camera, if you re using both a CF and an SD card. Each card can be set to a di erent size.
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You can also press the Function button to adjust the image size setting. The information appears on the left side of the rear LCD panel, located at the bottom of the back of the camera. Use the Main Control dial to choose which card you want to adjust, and the Quick Control dial to choose the image size for that card, from Small JPEG through to RAW. Whichever card has the black arrow pointing at it is the card you ll be viewing when you play back captured images. I always use two cards: an 8GB CF card and a 2 or 4GB SD card. I have the CF card set to RAW and the SD card set to Small JPEG. I have the cards set to mimic each other, not capture sequentially. Thus the SD card becomes an ongoing, backup fail-safe system for the main CF card, should anything go wrong with that card.
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2.6 Monochrome, Sepia Tint, Red Filter Picture Style
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Shooting Menu 2
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Shooting menu 2 focuses mostly on le settings, including Dust Delete data. The following list highlights the speci cs of each available setting.
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JPEG quality Image size Review time Beep Shoot w/o card Dust Delete Data
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2.7 Shooting menu 2
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,S 4 sec. On Off
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28 Part I Exploring the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
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Review time. This setting controls
the amount of time a playback image automatically remains onscreen while shooting. Choices are O , 2, 4, 8 seconds, and Hold. Four seconds usually works for me and helps retain long battery runs. Of course, you can always press the Play button to view an image for as long as you d like. a ects image size. If you open these images in DPP, the dust spots are automatically removed at this point. Here s how to do it: 1. Select the Dust Delete menu option by turning the Quick Control dial and then pressing the Set button. The camera automatically performs three cleaning cycles. 2. You are prompted to take a photo of a completely white object that lls the frame, at a distance of .7 to 1 foot (20 to 30 cm). The camera only records the data if the white surface is absolutely clean, to prevent anything on the paper being read as dust on the sensor. 3. Assuming a successful data capture, a Data Obtained message appears, at which point you select OK on the bottom of the menu screen by pressing the Set button.
Even if you process with other RAW converters, it s a good idea to follow this procedure every now and then. If you do encounter a dust problem that the auto cleaning system can t handle, you can always bring the images into DPP to have any dust spots automatically removed.