1: The Basics of Your Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III 3 in .NET

Deploy DataMatrix in .NET 1: The Basics of Your Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III 3
1: The Basics of Your Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III 3
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What s New at a Glance Navigating the Camera: Buttons and Dials Top of the camera Mode button AF-Drive button Using the AF-Drive and Mode button together Metering Mode/Flash Exposure Compensation button
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2: The Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Menu Systems 21
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3: Choosing Settings When Preparing for a Shoot 43
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How Menu Items are Selected and Organized Selecting your menu item How menus are organized Shooting Menu 1 Shooting Menu 2 Playback Menu 1 Playback Menu 2 Set-up Menu 1 Set-up Menu 2 Set-up Menu 3 Custom Functions Menu Clear All Custom Functions C.Fn setting register/apply My Menu Settings
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Prepping Your Equipment for a Shoot Focusing Modes One Point Auto Focus Al Servo Auto Focus Automatic Focus Improving autofocus Manual focus Exposure Metering Modes Modifying exposure Exposure bracketing Flash Modes Drive Modes ISO Choices Types of digital noise Noise reduction techniques White Balance Modes Image Quality Modes Picture Style Modes Registering Settings
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Part II: System Components 65
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4: Tethered Shooting 67
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5: Making Smart Lens Choices 81
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Tethered Shooting Pros and Cons Pros Cons Software Capture One Pro 4.6 Canon software Improving USB Capture Rate with Macintosh Systems Computer hardware and capture speed Sending only small JPEGs to the computer Using Lightroom 2.0 for quick RAW tethering Troubleshooting in Tethering Environments General troubleshooting Speci c troubleshooting for tethering issues One nal note
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67 67 68 69 70 71 75 75 75 76 77 78 78 79 Canon Lens System and Terminology Lens choices Lens terminology Prime versus Zoom Lenses Prime Lenses Tilt-shift lenses Zoom lenses L Lenses versus Standard Lenses My Ideal Lens List Specialty Lenses and Accessories EF extenders Extension tubes Macro lenses 81 81 83 84 85 90 92 94 95 100 100 101 101
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6: Working with Canon Speedlites 103
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Part III: In the Field with Your Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III 119
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7: Lighting Decisions 121
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Canon Speedlites 580EX II 430EX II and 430EX Exposing with Speedlites Exposure considerations with a Speedlite E-TTL II FEL Manual exposure Add-On Modi ers for Speedlites Gary Fong Lightsphere Big Bounce Sto-Fen modi er Portable ring lights O -camera setups Using Speedlites in Various Lighting Situations Daylight Low light Dim interiors and exteriors Remote Triggering with Speedlites
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Planning a Lighting Setup Available Light Strobe Systems Types of strobe systems Power packs Monolights Strobe modi ers Softboxes Sotftbox control Umbrellas Umbrella control Re ectors Re ector control Lighting comparisons Special units Fluorescent and HMI Systems Fluorescent lighting systems HMI systems Tungsten Lights Portable Power Battery units Gasoline generators
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8: Advertising and Editorial Photography 141
9: Photographing People 151
Advantages and Limitations Advantages of the EOS-1Ds Mark III Limitations of the EOS-1Ds Mark III Avoiding Downtime Tethering for Advertising Lens Choices for Advertising and Editorial Photography Processing and Post-Production Work
143 144 146 147 148 149 151 The 1Ds Mark III for Portraiture Portraits Formal portraits Informal portraits Working with the subject Lighting di erent subjects Lens Choices Photographing People on Location Photographing People in the Studio Beauty and Fashion 153 153 154 155 155 156 158 161 166 168
10: Wedding and Event Photography 169
Initial Requirements of Architectural Photography Using the EOS-1Ds Mark III in Architectural Photography Canon 1Ds Mark III realities Jon Roemer and the 1Ds Mark III Architectural Shooting Techniques Architectural Post-Processing Techniques
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12: Landscape and Nature Photography 203
Considerations Know Your Client Event Challenges and Limitations Be ready Have backups close by Wedding Speci cs Other Event Tips Educational events Corporate event challenges
173 178 179 179 179 180 186 186 186 The EOS-1Ds Mark III System for Landscapes RAW versus JPEG Maximizing Dynamic Range Multi-point spot metering HDR merge Highlight/Shadow adjustment Stitching Images Vibrationless Shooting