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Apple Safari 5
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Mobile Browser Features
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Google Android (Chrome) Mozilla Firefox Mobile Opera 10 Mobile
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As you can see from the preceding table, the Safari, Chrome, and Firefox mobile browsers are the best supported with new features currently on the market. Safari and Chrome have a leg up on Firefox because they are the default browsers for iPhone and Android. Opera 10 Mobile is now available as a downloadable application on Google Android and Apple iPhone platforms. Both platforms support CSS3 and HTML5. If you haven t heard anything about these advances in Web design, you are in for a real treat! CSS3 and HTML5 are usually mentioned in the same sentence because of the nature of what they do, but there are a lot of differences between the two technologies.
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CSS3 (also known as Cascading Style Sheets 3) has been under development since December 2005. It s just starting to make its way into more advanced browsers such as Apple Safari 4, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Opera 10, and Firefox 4. As these browsers start to gain market share, CSS3 becomes more mainstream. You can create a mobile Web site that utilizes these technologies now using the iPhone and Android platforms. Doing so should help advance your knowledge and career because you gain experience working with the latest and greatest technologies and gain a better understanding of the limitations involved with mobile Web site and application development. CSS3 offers the following new properties, among others, which you can find out more about at, as shown in Figure 11-2. These properties are beneficial to mobile devices because historically many of these properties would need to be done using images, CSS workarounds and JavaScript, which would increase the size of the pages, therefore decreasing performance. By using CSS properties, the performance of the mobile Web site is not compromised.
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Figure 11-2: A CSS3 resource,
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Border Radius to create rounded corners using CSS, as shown in Figure 11-3 Border Image to create a border that uses an image Box Shadow to create drop shadows using CSS Multiple Backgrounds, which lessens the amount of code you need to display different background images and instead declares a different multiple background positioning property in CSS New Color Options to support color types other than RGB and hex and offer true opacity to create transparency without resorting to browser hacks Text Shadow to create drop shadows on textual elements
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For a full list of the new functions and features in CSS3, please visit jQuery supports CSS3 selectors.
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HTML5 has been under development since January 2008 and is just starting to make its way into modern browsers. Among others, HTML5 offers the following features:
The benefits of these features are immense, but HTML5 offers many more that I haven t even mentioned. The future of Web design with browsers supporting both HTML5 and CSS3 is looking hot.
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Header and footer tags for better content organization within HTML files, instead of relying on div elements. Integrated audio/video tag support Canvas tags to create graphics and images on the fly Geolocation API (application programming interface)
Figure 11-3: The effects of the CSS3 Border Radius property as viewed on the iPhone Emulator
The hardest part about designing for mobile Web is testing your work and deciding which mobile platforms to support. I focus on support of Google Android and Apple iPhone. To facilitate this, you could purchase an iPhone and an Android phone, but this would end up costing you a lot of money and effort. Instead, both companies, Apple and Google, have created developer portals and offer a development SDK (Software Development Kit) that includes an emulator. An emulator is a desktop application that you can add to your desktop to simulate iPhone or Android mobile devices and be able to test both native applications and mobile Web applications and Web sites.