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Figure 6-9: The accordion script in Firefox, with the Firebug pane open so you can see the guts
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147 The accordion script helps you to display a large amount of content in a small space, but it has limitations, including
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As you add more menu items to the accordion, you need to scroll farther down the page to select or view the content embedded within those items. If you use an accordion in a real-world application, this limitation can greatly limit the user interface, which can decrease usability or even sales and conversions, if it s an e-commerce site. The accordion does not remember the content section that you are in if you refresh the page, although this type of functionality could be set up using cookies and jQuery. There is also a better, cookie-less technique that involves using anchors and query string handling, which you can find out more about on Rebecca Murphey s blog (http://
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The accordion section location can t be saved via a bookmark. If you get to a page and bookmark the page expecting the accordion to stay open in that particular section, it won t. The solution would be to set up anchors as mentioned in the preceding paragraph. If your Web site audience is not Internet-savvy, they may not be familiar with accordions and therefore won t understand how they work.
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Tab navigation is popular with Web designers and developers as an easy and intuitive way for users to navigate through a Web site or application. The tab structure is reminiscent of the
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days of storing files in filing cabinets using tabbed hanging folders to identify what files were included. The tab structure has been transferred to the Web as a great way of organizing your data into logical filing cabinets or Web pages. Figure 6-10 shows an example of how Basecamp, a project management tool, uses tabs to organize and display content within the tools sections.
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Figure 6-10: Basecamp, a project management tool, uses tabs to organize and display content within the tools sections
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Tab-style navigation is not only seen on the Web, but also on computer desktops. Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome use tabs to display multiple Web pages within one window, and recently Internet Explorer 7 has also adopted this type of user interface as well. The chat programs Adium for Mac and Trillian for PC have adopted tab-style navigation for organizing multiple chat sessions into one window. Some Web sites have taken tab-style navigation to the next level by coupling it with dynamic content switching. Instead of using tabs to navigate to different areas within their Web sites, dynamic content switching occurs when the tabs are used to show different content within the same page, similar to how an accordion menu is used to display large amounts of data in smaller spaces, but in a more user-friendly way. Some Web sites have even gone the extra mile of showing content that is loaded via Ajax when a tab is clicked, which is dynamic content in the pure sense because it s not actually on the page and can change every time. In Figure 6-11, the Coda Web site (www.panic.com/coda) uses tabs to show dynamic content on the page. The content is shown using animation effects, which is pretty nifty. As the user clicks each tab, content slides on and off the screen from left to right, or vice versa.
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Figure 6-11: The Coda Web site uses tabs to show dynamic content on the page
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2007 PANIC INC. Panic, the Panic Logo, and Transmit are registered trademarks of Panic Inc. www.panic.com
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In the following tutorial, I walk you through how to set up a dynamic content switcher using tabs. The content and tabs are set up in a way that allows for more content to be added dynamically without breaking the jQuery: 1. Define the HTML structure of the tabs. The tabs require two elements: navigation and a content element. The tabs are set up using an unordered list called #tabs. Each list item has an anchor tag wrapped around the text, which should be displayed in the tab. In this example, I have added five navigation tabs.
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<ul id= tabs class= clearfix > <li><a href= >Home</a></li> <li><a href= >Shop</a></li> <li><a href= >Community</a></li> <li><a href= >Customer Service</a></li> <li><a href= >About</a></li> </ul>
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2. Set up the tab content. Each piece of content is wrapped in an element called .content. You can add as many or as few tabs of content as you like just make sure that the number of elements matches up to the number of tabs. All of the tabs need to be wrapped with an element called .content-container. In this example, I ve added five content elements:
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<div id= content-container > <div class= content > <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer euismod nunc id mauris placerat iaculis. Integer viverra velit eros, sed semper ante. Ut at turpis in tellus tincidunt dignissim non vitae felis. Donec nec sem ut est
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