<div class= container > <h1>jQuery Images Galore.</h1> </div> in Java

Creation Code-128 in Java <div class= container > <h1>jQuery Images Galore.</h1> </div>
<div class= container > <h1>jQuery Images Galore.</h1> </div>
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2. Next, set up a style sheet to ensure the image gallery will be laid out correctly on the page.
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body { font-family:arial; } ul#nav { list-style-type:none; margin:10px 0 10px; padding:0;} ul#nav li { float:left; width:30px;} ul#nav li a {text-decoration:none; background:#05609A; color:#fff; padding:5px;} ul#nav li a.active { background:#B4F114; } .slide-image {width:400px; height:300px; border:2px solid #05609A; overflow:hidden; } .slide-image img { display:none; }
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3. Create an array to hold all of the images and assign it to the variable slideArray. This array determines how many navigation links to create, depending upon how many images are in this array. More or fewer can be inserted at any time and the script automatically adjusts.
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var slideArray = [ ansel_adams1.jpg , ansel_adams2.jpg , ansel_adams3.jpg , ansel_adams4.jpg , ansel_adams5.jpg ];
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Also, create a variable called imgDir to hold the value of the path, relative or absolute, of your images folder for the slideshow. This variable is included when you set up the images in the slideshow later in the tutorial.
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var imgDir = images/ansel_adams ;
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4. Append the element slide-image into the DOM inside of the container element. This inserted element holds all of the images as they are added into the DOM.
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$( .container ).append( <div class= slide-image ></div> );
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5. After the slide-image element is set up, you need to add an image to show up in the element after the page has loaded.
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$( .slide-image ).html( <img src= images/ +slideArray[0]+ /> );
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6. Insert the unordered list element nav into the DOM after the slide-image element. This contains all of the links for the images in the slideshow.
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$( .slide-image ).after( <ul id= nav ></ul> );
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7. Use the length property to determine how many items are in the slideArray array, and assign that value to the variable lengthArray.
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var slideLength = slideArray.length;
8. Set up a for loop that will iterate through all of the items in the slideArray using the slideLength variable to limit the amount of times the loop runs to 5.
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for(i=0; i < slideLength; i++){ }
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9. Because there are 5 items in the array, the length returns as 5. I add a variable called slideText and assign it a value of 1 + i (index). This ensures that the anchor text starts with 1 and ends with 5, instead of starting with 0 and ending with 4.
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for(i=0; i <= slideLength; i++){ var slideText = i + 1; }
10. Next, using the nav element, which I added to the DOM in step 5, I append an li element for each index in the array. Within each li element, I include an anchor tag with a rel attribute set to the value of slideText and I also insert slideText as the anchor text. I use this rel attribute to select which image is inserted. Figure 5-10 shows the loop being evaluated in the browser with the result being HTML, which can be seen through Firebug.
for(i=0; i < slideLength; i++){ var slideText = i + 1; $( #nav ).append( <li><a href= # rel= +slideText+ > +slideText+ </a></li> ); }
11. After creating the navigation list, I need to set up a click event for each link element. Set up a basic click event using the bind method to attach the nav selector statement to the handler function.
$( #nav li a ).bind( click , function(){ });
12. Add a variable called numSlide to hold the value of the attribute rel. This value is set only when a slide number anchor tag is clicked; that is, when the event is fired, not bound.
$( #nav li a ).bind( click , function(){ var numSlide = $(this).attr( rel ); });
13. Select the slide-image element and insert an image tag with the imgDir and numSlide variables included. This adds the correct image and server path as the link is clicked to the page.
$( #nav li a ).bind( click , function(){ var numSlide = $(this).attr( rel ); $( .slide-image ).html( <img src= +imgDir + numSlide+ .jpg /> ); });