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CMEA Known Plaintext Attack
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The known plaintext attack on CMEA is almost identical to the SCMEA known plaintext attack discussed above. In fact, once the A table has been constructed, the attacks are identical. However, the construction of the A table is slightly more complex for CMEA and it requires significantly more known plaintext.
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4.5 CMEA
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To construct the A table for CMEA, we guess a T ( 0 )and use the restrictions inherent in the Cave Table to mark 92 entries of each row as impossible values. This is precisely the same strategy that was employed in the SCMEA attack discussed above. For SCMEA, we used (4.18) (and analogous equations involving c1 and c2) to further increase the density of impossible entries in A . For CMEA, the approach is the same, except that the equation that corresponds to (4.18) is slightly more complicated. Specifically, we have
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The V 1 implies that we cannot determine the low-order bit. This reduces the number of impossible values for a given amount of known plaintext, since both 0 and 1 must be tested in the low-order bit, and both must be ruled out before we can mark an entry as impossible. A similar situation holds for the equations involving c1 and c2. Again, once the A table has been constructed the attack is the same as the SCMEA attack described above. It is claimed in [152] that this attack (using the meet-in-the-middle secondary phase) will succeed on CMEA provided 50 to 80 known plaintext blocks are available. Problems 16 and 17 ask for more precise empirical estimates. Using only cg, we have found that about 420 known plaintext blocks are required to uniquely determine T ( 0 ) . From Table 4.8 we see that the comparable number for SCMEA is 300 blocks. Obtaining analytic results for the number of required plaintexts would be an interesting and challenging exercise.
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More Secure CMEA
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Is it possible to slightly modify the CMEA cipher and significantly increase the security of the cipher The attacks presented here rely heavily on the fact that the distribution of the Cave Table entries is highly skewed. Consequently, if we replace the Cave Table with a fixed permutation of the byte values, these attacks would likely fail. There are many other possible modifications of CMEA that might yield a stronger cipher. For example, one alternative would be t o make the Cave Table key-dependent. Of course, this could be combined with the previous suggestion, replacing the Cave Table with a key-dependent permutation. This would seem to greatly complicate the cryptanalysis of the CMEA cipher. It might also be interesting to consider whether it is possible to modify the cipher so that it is reasonably secure, yet the Cave Table remains as it is currently configured.
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It was said in the trials that Akerbeltz presided over the witches gatherings, which happened every Monday, Wednesday and Frida,y. These gatherings came t o be called akelarre, the goat meadow. - Secret History of the Witches [33]
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Akelarre is a block cipher that combines features of two strong block ciphers with the goal of producing a more efficient strong cipher. Specifically, Akelarre uses mixed mode arithmetic, which is a primary cryptographic feature of the highly respected IDEA cipher, and Akelarre also makes heavy use of rotations, which are a crucial element in RC5, another highly-regarded block cipher. By combining important elements from two strong ciphers, you might expect that Akelarre would itself be a strong cipher. If so, you would be sadly mistaken. The Akelarre cipher was proposed in 1996 [3] and within a year, devastating attacks had been discovered [82]. In fact, Akelarre is an extremely weak cipher -in spite of (or, more likely, because of) its relatively complex design. Below, we describe a known plaintext attack, but there is also a ciphertext only attack, which is only slightly more complex.
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