The most detailed source of information on the Purple cipher. in .NET

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The most detailed source of information on the Purple cipher.
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[53] F. Fugate, Frank Rowlett, and David Kahn, at
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Cited on page 383
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Fugate, who claims to be Rowlett's nephew, describes an attempt by Kahn to coerce Rowlett into divulging classified information.
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Cited on page 82
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[58] J. GoliC, Correlation via linear sequential circuit approximation of combiners with memory, Advances in Cryptology, Proceedings of EUROCRYPT '92, LNCS 658, 1993, pp. 113-123 Cited on page 93
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[59] S. W. Golornb, Shift Register Sequences, Aegean Park Press, 1981 (revised edition) Cited on page 86 [60] B. Goren, RSA: practical public-key cryptography, at
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Cited on page 284
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[61] M. Goresky and A. M. Klapper, Fibonacci and Galois representations of feedback-with-carry shift registers, IEEE Transactions o n Information
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Theory, Vol. 48, No. 11, November 2002, pp. 2826-2836 Cited on page 83
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[62] F. G. Gustavson, Analysis of the Berlekamp-Massey linear feedback shift-register synthesis algorithm, IBM Journal of Research and Development, Vol. 20, May 1976, pp. 204-212 Cited on page 85 [63] D. Hamer, Enigma: actions involved in the 'double-stepping' of the middle rotor, Cr:yptologia, Vol. 21, No. 1, January 1997, pp. 47-50, at
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Cited on page 28 [64] P. Hawkes, M. Paddon, arid G. G. Rose, Musings on the Wang et al. MD5 collision, at eprint . iacr .org/2004/264 .pdf Cited on pages 229, 238, 239, 240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 247, and 392
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A remarkable paper arid an absolute necessity for understanding the intricate details of Wang's attack.
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[65] M. Hellman, A cryptanalytic time-memory tradeoff, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 26, pp. 401-406, 1980 Cited on page 133
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[66] T. Henderson, ARC shikreware license, at
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The most complete source for crypto history prior to its original publication date of 1967. But it is important to remember that most of the World War I1 crypto history was still classified in 1967 and it shows. In particular, Kahn slights Rowlett and, disturbingly, it appears that he knew better at the time [53].
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