The Master Page pop-up menu, showing a number of different available page styles. in .NET

Maker 39 barcode in .NET The Master Page pop-up menu, showing a number of different available page styles.
7.22 The Master Page pop-up menu, showing a number of different available page styles.
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7: What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos
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Adding and removing pages
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To add a new page, select the previous page in the Pages pane, click the Add Pages button, and choose Add New Page. Aperture creates a blank page with what it determines to be the appropriate master layout. Choosing Duplicate Page makes a duplicate of the previous page s layout and images, with the layout adjusted to reflect whether the new page is on the left or right side of the book. Note that the default Apple books are limited to 99 pages. To remove a page, select the page and click the Delete Pages button. Books require an even number of pages and at least 20 pages. If needed, Aperture inserts a blank page later in your book to accommodate these restrictions.
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Customizing page layout
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While there are plenty of preset page masters to choose from, sometimes you will still want to adjust the page layout. To begin, click the Edit Layout button at the top of the Book Editor. The easiest place to begin customizing a page layout is to drag the different boxes around on the page to rearrange them. As you do so, Aperture displays Smart Guides along the page, and snaps the box to them to help you line up your different boxes. Use the Bring Forward and Send Backward buttons at the top of the Book Editor, shown in Figure 7.23, to move items behind and in front of one another. These commands are also in the Book Actions menu under the Arrange submenu.
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Add pop-up menu
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Bring Forward button
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Send Backward button
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7.23 The Bring Forward, Send Backward, and Add buttons provide additional commands to modify the page s layout.
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Resize a box by selecting it, clicking on one of the handles that appears, and dragging that handle. Hold the Option key while dragging to cause Aperture to scale the box around the middle rather than only the side you re dragging.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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You can type specific sizes and locations for your boxes by using the Layout Options pane, as shown in Figure 7.24. To open it, choose Book Actions Show Layout Options. When you select a box on the page, Aperture fills the Layout Options pane with the box s information. Type new numbers in these fields for precise control over each item s layout. The Book Actions menu contains a number of other useful layout commands: Photo Box Aspect Ratio submenu. To quickly apply a specific aspect ratio to a photo box, instead of manually resizing it, select the photo box and choose an aspect ratio from this submenu. Text Box Columns. To change the number of columns in a text box, select the text box and choose the number of columns from this submenu. Page Numbers. To force page numbers to be always on or off or to let Aperture automatically determine when to show them, choose the appropriate option from this submenu. Enable/Disable Plate Numbers. By default, Aperture does not display image numbers in its metadata boxes. Enable Plate Numbers if you want to automatically have plate numbers. To add a completely new element to the page, whether you want an image, text box, metadata box, or map, either click the Add button at the top of the Book Editor or choose Book Actions Add and select the appropriate item. Position, size, and format it using the commands covered in this chapter. Remove an element by selecting it and pressing the Delete key. At any point, if you want to return to the original page master, choose Book Actions Master, and Aperture resets the page to its default. Reapply
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7.24 The Layout Options pane lets you type exact values for each box s size, position, and rotation.
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7: What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos
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Editing master pages
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Master pages are the default starting layouts for the different pages in your book. Aperture lets you customize these masters, either by editing an existing one or creating a new one. To see the masters, choose Book Actions
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Show Master Pages. Aperture opens the pane you see in Figure 7.25. As you scroll through this list, you can click on any master page to open it into the Book Editor Viewer. Edit the master s layout as you would any other page to make changes directly to the master. Note that you cannot make changes to the cover page. To add a new master page, follow these simple steps:
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