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page contents. It only lets you loupe the images on the page or in Browser.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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Some themes, such as Photo Essay and Journal, also have map elements on certain pages. These maps integrate with Places, allowing you to flag a specific place or to draw a journey between places. If you haven t yet set a specific place, it s possible to add a new place on the map while creating the book. To set a map s initial location, either drag a photo with a location set onto the map or follow the following instructions on how to manually add a new place to the map. Double-click on the map to open the Map Options HUD, as shown in Figure 7.20. There are four main controls in the Map Options HUD: Zoom slider. This lets you change the map s scale. Title. This lets you adds stylized title text to the map. Places. This lists the locations flagged on the map. If you re going to set the map to display lines and arrows between locations, drag and drop each location name in the list to rearrange them into the order that you want Aperture to draw the lines. Action pop-up menu. This contains controls to display how the map s displayed. To add additional locations to the map, you can either drag additional photos tagged with a location to the map or follow these steps:
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7.20 The Map Options HUD lets you control the locations marked on the map, the lines between locations, and other options.
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Double-click the map to open the Map Options HUD. Click the Add (+) button in the bottom left. Start typing the location in Places and Aperture displays a pop-up menu with matching locations. Pick the correct location from the list. The new location will now appear in the list in the Map Options HUD and on the map.
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7: What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos
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To delete a location, select it in the Map Options HUD and click the Remove ( ) button in the bottom left. The Action pop-up menu in the Map Options HUD has a number of commands to help you configure your map to create a finished map, as shown in Figure 7.21, and they are as follows: Return to Starting Place. If you have your map set to draw lines between locations, this option will close the loop and draw a line from the last place to the first place. Move Label. This option causes the label, if visible, for the selected place to move to a different side of the place pin, making it easier to read the label. Show Lines with Arrowheads / Show Straight Lines / Hide Lines. These options toggle between showing a line between places with arrowheads, without arrowheads, and not drawing any lines. Show Place Marker Text. Show or hide the place labels.
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7.21 A finished map, showing different locations, lines with arrows between locations, location names, and a map title.
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Show Region Text. Show or hide the larger labels, such as the country name, on the map. Center Map on Places. Zoom the map automatically to show all places marked on the map. Reset Map. Reset the map display back to the book s default. Instead of manually typing a location into the Map Options HUD, double-click on the map and then click and drag the map around to move it. Control+click on a location
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and choose Add Place to interactively add places to the map.
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Switching page styles
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To switch page styles between different preset master pages, select the page in the Pages pane and either click the Set Master Page button at the bottom of the Pages pane or click the disclosure triangle that appears next to the selected page. Aperture opens a menu, such as the one in Figure 7.22, with the available page styles. Note that the right and left pages might have different options; for example, the left page has options for styles that span both pages.
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