7: What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos in .NET

Develop Code 3/9 in .NET 7: What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos
7: What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos
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At the bottom right corner of the Pages pane is the Book Actions pop-up menu. This menu contains many commands we refer to throughout the rest of the chapter.
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Placing images and text
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As you click on different pages in the Pages pane, Aperture changes the page currently displayed in its Viewer. Notice how many pages have gray areas with a crosshatch in the middle and blocks of lorem ipsum text. These are placeholders for images and text, respectively. Changing the text is fairly straightforward. Double-click on the lorem ipsum text or Section Title text and type in the text you d like to appear. We ll cover how to customize your text s appearance shortly. Placing images is almost as easy. Start by dragging and dropping an image from Browser onto the gray placeholder area (if Browser isn t visible, choose View Split View or press V). Double-click on a placed image to open the Image Scale HUD, which lets you zoom your placed image in or out, and click and drag your placed image to move it around within the image box. For example, if you ve placed a landscape image onto a portrait placeholder box, you can drag the image around to control how it s being cropped into a portrait image.
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If you re unable to place an image or edit text, make sure the Edit Content button at the top of the Book Editor Viewer is selected and not the Edit Layout button.
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When you place an image into a book, Browser displays a small maroon badge with a number indicating how many times this image has been placed into this book.
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The Rebuild Book commands in the Book Actions menu will remove any changes you ve made to the book s design, revert to the default series of pages, and auto-
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matically fill the image placeholders with either all your images or the selected images, depending on which command, Rebuild Book With All Images or Rebuild Book With Selected Images, you choose.
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Rather than placing images manually into each image placeholder, Aperture can automatically place either your selected images or all images that haven t been used yet in the book. To
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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automatically place a specific group of images, select the images in Browser and choose Autoflow Selected Images from the Book Actions pop-up menu. Aperture places the selected images into your book, shown in Figure 7.16, starting with the first empty image placeholder. To have Aperture automatically place any unused images into your book, simply choose Book Actions Autoflow Unplaced images. Some layouts will also let you place a photo as the page background. To do so, drag an image from Browser onto the background area of the page, and let go when Aperture highlights the background. To unplace an image, select the photo box and press the Delete key. To remove a background image, click the Set Background popup menu, highlighted in Figure 7.17, and choose either No Background or a background color. Figure 7.17 also highlights the other customization menus that we refer to throughout the rest of the chapter.
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Set Photo Filter pop-up menu Set Metadata Field pop-up menu Set Text Style pop-up menu Set Page Background pop-up menu
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7.16 A before and after view of an empty page and a page with text and images filled out.
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7.17 The text, metadata, photo filter, and page background customization menus provide formatting options for each type of item on the page.
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7: What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos
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Adjusting metadata boxes
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Some themes have special text fields that are linked to a particular image placeholder and display that image s metadata. You cannot directly type in new metadata values for the image here (use the Metadata Inspector if you wish to adjust an image s metadata), but you can change what metadata is displayed in the box and link the metadata box to a different image. To change the metadata box s metadata view, select the metadata box, click the Set Metadata Field pop-up menu, and select the new metadata you want displayed. Note that this menu doesn t provide access to the standard metadata views and isn t customizable. There is only a limited subset of metadata that you can have automatically displayed in a metadata box. To link a metadata box to a different image, follow these steps:
1. 2. 3. 4.
Select the metadata box. Choose Book Actions Unlink Metadata Box. Select both the image you want to connect to the metadata box and the metadata box by +clicking on each. Choose Book Actions Link Metadata Box. The metadata box should now be displaying metadata values for the new image.