Out of Gamut Perceptual Relative Colorimetric Original Image in .NET

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Out of Gamut Perceptual Relative Colorimetric Original Image
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7.8 An exaggerated sample illustrating the original image and how it might be printed with perceptual or relative colorimetric rendering intents, assuming part of the original is outside the printer s gamut.
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Caution scaling the black values in your image to fit within your printer s gamut.
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7: What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos
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For Print Resolution, Auto automatically determines the best resolution for your print based on the print and image sizes, but you can also pick a standard size (Aperture uses 72, which is typically too low for high-quality prints) or type a custom resolution such as 360 for high-quality printing. Image Adjustments The Image Adjustments group provides two useful functions. The first is that sometimes, despite your best efforts at color management and soft proofing your prints, you ll find that your prints look a little better if you boost the brightness, contrast, or saturation before printing them. While you could make a new version, make those changes, and then print this new version, using these three sliders in the Print dialog is far easier. The second part of the Image Adjustments group is the sharpening settings. As you ve probably heard, you want to sharpen the image you re going to output after it s resized to the final print size. If you sharpen it before resizing, then your image won t appear to be sharpened properly because it s going to be scaled from the size you used to pick your settings. By selecting the Sharpen check box and setting the desired Amount and Radius settings (click the Loupe button to the left to open the Loupe tool so that you can zoom into your image and pick appropriate sharpening settings), Aperture sharpens your image appropriately now that it s scaled to its final print size. Similar to settings in Photoshop, Radius controls the size of the area around each object s edge that will be affected, and Amount controls how much the contrast in each edge will be exaggerated. Be careful not to set your Radius too high, as you might see halo artifacts around each object, especially with higher Amount settings. While Aperture s sharpening is quite good, it doesn t provide as much control as you might want for the highest-quality prints. We recommend using an Aperture plug-in
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like Nik Software s Sharpener Pro before printing (and then not using Aperture s sharpen tool) to achieve the most precise, targeted sharpening.
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Image Options The last set of image and color options that directly affects how your image is printed is called, appropriately, Image Options. We recommend always leaving Rotate to Fit selected so that if you have a landscape image but your layout settings are set to portrait, Aperture will rotate your image to fit on the page. The border size and color controls will let you add a solid line border around your image. Lastly, to add a watermark to your image, select it from the pop-up menu, or if it doesn t appear, select Choose and browse for your watermark.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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Metadata options
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The final set of print options controls whether you see metadata with your print, and if so, what type of metadata, as shown in Figure 7.9. This can be useful if you re printing a selection of images to discuss with clients, and you d like to have image information such as the filename available with the image. From the Metadata View pop-up menu, select the metadata view that contains the metadata fields you want to see printed with your image (we cover creating custom views in 4). Use the Position and Font pop-up menus to determine where and with what font style Aperture will print your metadata. If you have a company logo that you want to add to each printed page, select it from the Logo popup menu (if it s not there, select Choose to browse for the logo image). Comment lines provide the specified number of blank lines below the metadata text for you to write comments onto. The Title and Sub Title check boxes control whether you see the project or album name as the title and a subtitle, which defaults to your name, in a larger font on the page. If you want a different title but don t want to rename your album or project, Aperture also lets you click on the title and subtitle text and to then type new text. Selecting the Page Numbers check box adds page numbers to each page, and selecting Crop Marks displays small crop marks where your page margins are.
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