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created master wherever you want after it s created, as discussed in 3.
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This new version has a master file on the hard drive, but it s not the master file that you imported from your camera, and this version with its new master consumes far more disk space than a normal version. If you see the badge overlay indicated in Figure 1.5 within Aperture, it means that this version also has an Aperturecreated master aside from the original master you imported.
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Badge indicates an Aperture-created master
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1.5 This badge overlay on a thumbnail or image means that this version has an Aperturecreated master.
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1: How Do I Get Started with Aperture
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Within an Aperture library, you will group your master files and versions into projects. A project might represent an entire shoot, multiple shoots of the same subject, a part of a shoot, or just a completely random collection of images. Each time you import an image, you must determine into what project to place it. If you delete a project, you are removing the master files contained within it from your library. There is no limit on how many projects you can create.
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Albums are a collection of image versions that you create manually. Versions may exist in more than one album (for example, you might put an image in both aBrooks Wedding Dinner album and a Show to Bride album). Albums can either exist within a project to provide a finer-grained grouping of images or at a library level if they contain images from multiple projects. For example, we typically create a project for a shoot such as Japan February 2010 and then create albums within the project to represent specific parts of the shoot such as Tsurui Day 3 AM . Later, we create a library-level album, such as Images to Copyright , containing images from every project that we need to submit for copyright registration. No matter how many albums within a library you put an image into, Aperture will not create a new copy of the master file on disk. Furthermore, deleting an image from an album does not remove it from your library or hard drive. There are special types of albums, called Smart Albums, whose contents are created dynamically. For example, Aperture has built-in Smart Albums at the library level (called Library Albums) for 5-star images (the highest rating you can give), videos, images created in the last week, and more. Each time you add or adjust an image and make it meet one of these criteria, such as rating an image with 5 stars, Aperture automatically adds it to the appropriate Smart Album. Smart Albums are covered in depth in 4.
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A folder is a container for projects, albums, and other folders. As you create more and more projects, you may find it helpful to use folders to group related projects together so that you re not always scrolling through a long list of projects. For example, we have a folder in our library called Kiteboarding (shown in Figure 1.6) that contains folders for each beach we shoot at, and those subfolders contain our projects. We also have albums within the Kiteboarding folder (and not a child folder) with images of specific riders pulled from all the beaches we ve shot each rider at.
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While not strictly part of Aperture s hierarchy, Aperture calls a small collection of images that are related in some way a stack. The difference between a stack and a project or album is that a stack of images tends to essentially be one image, but just slightly different versions of that image, whereas a project or album might contain many stacks of images.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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For example, Aperture can automatically group bursts of images taken close together into a stack. If you shoot a sporting event and import the images into one album, you would have many different stacks representing each burst of action. Additionally, if you want to create multiple versions of a single image with different adjustments, you could group these different versions into a stack for organization. Each time you open your image in an external editor such as Photoshop, Aperture automatically stacks the previous version and this new externally edited version together. Stacks are covered in more detail in 3.
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