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make the highlight details that are just barely visible darker and therefore more apparent.
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6.15 Adjust the Recovery slider to reveal highlight detail that was captured on the sensor.
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Use the Black Point slider to determine which pixels will be pure black, as shown in Figure 6.16. (This is called setting the black point.) Adjust the Brightness slider to change the overall brightness of the image, as shown in Figure 6.17. This makes the majority of the pixels lighter or darker but has less effect on the lightest and darkest pixels.
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6.16 Holding down the key can make it easier to see where there is clipping, particularly when setting the black point.
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6.17 Use the Brightness slider to adjust the bulk of the pixels to be lighter or darker while maintaining the black point.
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6: What Tools Can I Use to Make My Images Better
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You can also set the black point using Curves or Levels, but doing so darkens more of the pixels. Setting the black point using the Black Point slider affects less of the tonal range.
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Which way is better depends on the particular image. If an image just needs some true blacks for definition and pop, then use the Black Point slider. If the image feels too light and needs to be darker or denser, then set the black point in Curves or Levels.
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By using the four sliders in the Exposure brick you should be able to set an acceptable exposure level in the overall image even though you may still need to use other tools to add (or reduce) contrast or to improve highlight and/or shadow detail.
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Taking advantage of the Enhance tools
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The Enhance brick contains four sliders as well as tint controls that enable you to modify aspects of the color and contrast of the image, thereby increasing the impact of many images. As we describe each control, we suggest you experiment by pulling the sliders to their extreme positions in both directions. That way you ll visually see the effect each control has and can then set the slider to the best position for the particular shot. The first slider is the Contrast slider that enables you to increase or decrease the overall contrast within the image. Increasing the contrast this way spreads the pixels across a wider tonal range, but primarily increases the range of darker tonalities that are included. You can see the change not only in the image, as shown in Figure 6.18, but also in the histogram. Notice that the white point is only minimally modified. With images that are overly contrasty, try slightly reducing the overall image contrast. For most images, we find we rarely use the Contrast slider, preferring instead to use Levels and Curves adjustments where we can increase the contrast in particular
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parts of the tonal range such as the midtones.
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6.18 Increasing contrast by using the Contrast slider moves the black point more than the white point but can be used to boost the contrast of overly flat images.
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The next slider is the Definition slider. We use this adjustment on many of our images to increase the pop of the image. Increasing the definition increases midtone contrast as well as adding some saturation and sharpness, as shown in Figure 6.19. Although it can be tempting to use this slider aggressively, as we have done here, we suggest you use it carefully and check the results at 100 percent magnification to ensure you don t accidentally add artifacts.
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The Definition slider is very similar to the Clarity slider in Adobe products such as Camera Raw.
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6: What Tools Can I Use to Make My Images Better
6.19 Use the Definition slider to add pop to your images.
The Saturation slider increases or decreases the saturation of all the colors in the image, as shown in Figure 6.20. If you want to modify the saturation of a particular color, use the Color controls instead. Although you can convert an image to black and white by completely decreasing the saturation, we find it s better to use the Black and White Adjustment or presets that we cover later in this chapter.
6.20 Using the Saturation slider increases (or decreases) the saturation of all the colors in the image. This can result in unnatural skin tones.