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Integrating Code 39 Full ASCII in .NET The Filter HUD.
4.23 The Filter HUD.
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If the Stack picks only check box is selected, Aperture only examines the top image in a stack to see if it matches your search criteria. If it s not selected, Aperture searches
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within the whole stack.
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4: How Can I Use Metadata to Organize and Find My Images
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Using the filter HUD is fairly straightforward. Pick whether you want to match all or any of the selected rules, add rules as needed by using the pop-up menu, select the rules that you want to be active, and specify the criteria for each rule, such as images with a yellow label and a four-star or higher rating. However, there are a few key rules that we want to point out to you. Aperture Metadata. Use this rule to search for custom metadata. Your custom metadata field appears in its field pop-up menu. Attachment. If your camera is capable of recording audio files, Aperture imports it as an attachment to an image (there s more on this in 9). The Attachment rule explicitly filters images that either have or don t have an attachment. File Status. This rule lets you search for managed, referenced, offline, online, or missing master images. File Type. The File Type rule allows you to find files that are video files, specific types of files (including RAW as a generic reference for all RAW files), and externally edited files. Text. While the Text rule should be fairly obvious, as it s a search for whether an image has a specific piece of text in its metadata, there s an option in the text field that we want to point out. If you click the pop-up menu in this rule s text field, you see the following useful options:
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l Full text search. This is the default; it searches all of an image s metadata. l Limited text search. This is faster, especially when searching a large collection of
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images, but it only searches caption, creation date, filename, keywords, project name, and version name. If you want to save your search results as a regular album, meaning the contents won t be dynamically updated as you change your image s metadata, open the filter HUD and click New Album With Current Images. If you want to save this search as a new Smart Album, whose contents will be dynamically updated as you change your images metadata, open the filter HUD and click the New Smart Album button. When you finish searching in Browser, click the Clear (X) button in Browser s search field to clear the current search query.
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Creating Smart Albums
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To create a new Smart Album, start by selecting its scope in the Library Inspector. Specifically, if you want that Smart Album to only search within a project, select the project. If you want it to search within your whole library, either clear your selection in the Library Inspector by clicking in an empty area or select a preexisting library-level album. Next, choose File New Smart Album, and Aperture opens Smart Settings HUD, as shown in Figure 4.24, which looks very similar to the Filter HUD.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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4.24 The Smart Settings HUD.
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The Smart Settings HUD works almost exactly the same way as the Filter HUD, where you add rules and set criteria. The main difference is that it includes a Source row that tells you what scope the Smart Album s looking at. If you drag your Smart Album into a different scope within the Library Inspector, such as from the library level into a project and vice versa, the new scope s name appears in the Smart Settings HUD for that Smart Album. Click the new scope s name to switch the Smart Album to only look at that scope. The other difference is that the Smart Settings HUD doesn t have buttons on the bottom to create a new Smart or normal album because you re already creating a Smart Album when you see it. In fact, when you click New Smart Album within the Filter HUD, Aperture automatically closes the Filter HUD and opens the Smart Settings HUD for this new Smart Album with the exact same rules and criteria you selected in the Filter HUD.
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