l Add or remove a field from a preexisting metadata view. Select the view on the in .NET

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l Add or remove a field from a preexisting metadata view. Select the view on the
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left and select or deselect the field s check box on the right.
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l Rename a view. Double-click its name on the left and type a new name. l Create a new view. Click the Action pop-up menu on the bottom left of the window,
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choose New View, type its name, and select fields to include from the right.
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l Edit a copy of an existing view. Select the view and choose Duplicate View from the
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Action pop-up menu.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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4.11 The Metadata Views customization dialog helps you create exactly what you need.
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l Delete a view. Select the view and choose Delete View from the Action pop-up
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menu or press Delete on your keyboard. Be careful, as Aperture does not prompt you about whether you re sure you want to delete this view.
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l Rearrange the views so that ones you use more frequently are at the top of the
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list. Select the appropriate item in the Metadata Views list and drag and drop it to wherever you want it to be ordered.
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Click OK when you finish customizing your metadata views.
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Setting metadata
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While some values, like image ISO, are read-only, it s possible and necessary in most cases to set most values manually. For example, the camera and computer can t automatically guess what the image caption should be. To set a value, simply click in the appropriate metadata field in the Metadata Inspector and start typing. When you finish, either press Tab to go to the next field or click outside the current text field.
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4: How Can I Use Metadata to Organize and Find My Images
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There are a couple special fields where you don t type a value. To set a value for the Rating, Flag, and Label fields, click on the desired value. For the IPTC Core date created field, even though it s prepopulated with the image date, it s possible to change this value by either clicking on the date and typing a new date or by using the stepper buttons on the right side of the field to adjust the date and time up or down. Although Aperture lets you type long values for any metadata field, the IPTC Core specification limits certain fields. For example, a title can be at most 64 characters
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Caution long, each keyword phrase can be at most 64 characters long, and instructions can
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be at most 256 characters long. To quickly clear all IPTC metadata from an image, select the image and choose Clear IPTC Metadata from the Metadata Inspector s Action pop-up menu. If you re using referenced files and use another program such as Adobe Photoshop to update an image s metadata outside of Aperture, select the image and choose
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Metadata Update from Master to import the image s new metadata back into Aperture.
Managing and applying presets
As you start to work with metadata, you might find yourself typing certain values (such as your contact information) over and over again. To avoid always having to retype these values, it s possible to create a metadata preset containing multiple values that you can apply when needed, even on import. To start creating a preset, choose Aperture Presets Metadata or choose Manage Presets from the Metadata Inspector s Action pop-up menu. Aperture opens the dialog shown in Figure 4.12. Notice how this dialog is very similar to the Metadata Views dialog, but on the right-hand side there are fields for setting values. Let s create a Contact metadata preset.
1. 2.
In the Metadata Presets dialog, choose New Preset from the Action pop-up menu. Type its name, IPTC Contact Information, into the table row on the left that Aperture automatically makes editable.
Aperture 3 Portable Genius
3. 4.
Select the check box next to each contact field on the right that you want to use, and type a value for each field. Click OK when you finish.
4.12 The Metadata Presets dialog.
Now when you select an image and click the Action pop-up menu in the Metadata Inspector, you see your IPTC Contact Information preset under the Append with Preset and Replace with Preset menus. Selecting IPTC Contact Information from the Append with Preset menu adds the preset s information to whatever values you set for the image. Be careful as if you manually typed a field like your e-mail into the image s metadata because choosing Append with Preset will leave you with duplicate values in your image s metadata. Choosing Replace with Preset will clear out the image s values for all the fields in the preset, replacing them with the values in the preset. If you type values onto an image and want to use those values to set up a new preset, select the image and choose New Preset from Version from the Action pop-up menu in the Metadata Inspector. Aperture opens the Presets dialog with this new preset selected and ready for you to rename. A unique feature of the Presets dialog is that it s possible to export and import presets, making it easy to share them between multiple computers. To export a preset, do the following:
1. 2.
In the Metadata Presets dialog, select the preset in the list. Choose Export from the Action pop-up menu.