If you choose a preset with a custom field, add the text in the Name Text field. in .NET

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2.10 If you choose a preset with a custom field, add the text in the Name Text field.
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Select the Rename Master File check box if you want to rename the master files and not just the versions within Aperture. This is optional. If you select this option and then export a master file, the exported file shows the name you gave it rather than the name assigned to it in-camera.
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To create a custom preset name to use for renaming your files, follow these steps:
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On the Version Name pop-up menu, choose Edit from the preset options. The File Naming dialog, shown in Figure 2.11, appears in which you create a custom preset.
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2: How Do I Import Images
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To add a new naming preset, click the plus button on the bottom left, and type a name for the preset over the highlighted name in the list of presets. Drag buttons into the Format field to customize the format. To remove a button from the format field, click and drag over it to select it, and press Delete on your keyboard. If you choose a custom button, a new field appears that you can leave blank or fill with text. If you add text, then that text automatically appears when you choose the preset in the Import options. If you leave it blank, you can add the text during the Import process.
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Click OK.
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2.11 Create a custom File Naming preset to meet your needs.
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We commonly rename our files with a Custom Name plus Master Name. The Master File Name, which is the name assigned in-camera, provides a unique indexing number for the file as well as an easy way to identify the original filename in case you need to find it on a backup drive. The custom option enables you to add a meaningful name related to location or subject matter. The same file naming presets are available when exporting images. So if you create a custom preset for use while importing, it will appear in the file naming presets for
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use when exporting files as well.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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Fixing time zone settings on your images
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Most digital cameras record the time that you captured the file. The problem is that some photographers, including us, rarely take the time to change the time setting in the camera when they travel and photograph in different time zones. Admittedly, the time stamp is more important for some types of photographers than others. For photojournalists, it may be imperative; whereas for family photos, it may be purely optional. However, you never know when having the information will be useful, and Aperture makes it so easy to correct the time stamp that there s no reason not to fix it. To ensure that the correct time is associated with the image, assuming that the in-camera clock was accurately set for your home time zone, follow these steps:
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Click the Import Settings button in the upper right of the Import interface and choose Time Zone. Two popup menus appear, as shown in Figure 2.12.
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Specify the time zone the image is currently in, which is normally your home time zone, using the Camera Time pop-up menu.
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On the Actual Time Zone pop-up menu, choose the time zone to associate with the images. It s that simple!
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2.12 Use the Time Zone settings to correct the time associated with the image.
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An introduction to presets
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You can use presets in many places in Aperture, including the Import panel, Adjustment Inspector, the Metadata panel, and the File Naming dialog. In each case, presets enable you to apply a predetermined combination of settings with a single click. That saves time. The Apple engineers have created some default presets that they think will be useful to many photographers, but you can create your own as well, and we show you how to customize them. By taking advantage of presets, you spend less time on the computer.
2: How Do I Import Images
The first place you encounter presets is in the Import interface. You can apply metadata presets and/or adjustment presets while you import your images, which means your images are already partially optimized and contain metadata when you initially begin working with them, and that s efficient!