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If you opt to use referenced files, your master files are not stored within the Aperture library. Instead, they can be wherever you specify, such as the hard drive, an external drive, or a Drobo. Aperture imports thumbnails of the images and creates previews for the images and stores those within the Aperture library. In addition, any versions of the image that you create within Aperture are also stored in the Aperture library, including versions made using an external editor or plug-in. However, the masters will be in a separate location that you choose. As mentioned in 1, the primary difference is that you are in charge of organizing and keeping track of the masters. If you move them for example, you decide to move the folder from your computer s hard drive to an external drive Aperture won t know where to look for them, and you ll have to spend time helping Aperture find them using the Locate Referenced Files command, which we cover in 3. Because Aperture creates thumbnails (and previews if you ve set Preferences to automatically create them, as mentioned in 1) you can use referenced files
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and not have the drive containing the masters attached to the computer (after you finish importing them, of course).
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2: How Do I Import Images
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If you opt to have Aperture not generate previews automatically, you can create previews later manually by choosing Photos Generate Previews.
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Most people find it a little easier to use managed files, unless their workflow requires referenced files. Both approaches work well, but referenced files require a bit more caution. In addition, sometimes it can be frustrating when you see a referenced file in the library but you can t export it or adjust it because the master isn t available. In an emergency, you can directly access your managed master files without using Aperture. Control+click on the Aperture library in the Finder and choose Show
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Caution Package Contents. Then click the Masters folder and all the subfolders. Eventually
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you will find all the master files. However, we don t recommend doing this except under dire circumstances because it s extremely easy to accidentally corrupt the library by moving or deleting a file. After you decide whether to use managed or referenced files, you specify that on the Aperture Store Files pop-up menu, as shown in Figure 2.9. To use managed files, choose: In the Aperture Library. This moves the files into Aperture so that it keeps track of all master files as well as any versions of them. To use referenced files, choose: In their current location. This leaves the files where they are and points Aperture to them. Pictures. This places the files in a subfolder there; use the radio button beneath the popup to either move the files or to create a copy of them. Then choose a name for the subfolder. We recommend choosing Project Name so it s easy to recognize which files belong to which projects.
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2.9 Use the Store Files pop-up menu to choose managed files or to specify where to store referenced files.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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Choose . This places the files elsewhere on your hard drive or on an external drive. Specify whether to copy or move the files by selecting the radio button and then choose the name for the subfolder.
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Most digital cameras assign filenames to your images that are a combination of letters and numbers that don t offer any clues about the images, so it can be very helpful to rename your images as you import them. That way, when you see the filenames you have an idea which images they are. This is particularly true when working with referenced files. To rename files as you import them, follow these steps:
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Click the Import Settings button in the upper right of the Import interface and choose Rename Files. A Rename Files brick appears on the right side of the Import interface, as shown in Figure 2.10.
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On the Version Name pop-up menu, select one of the preset naming options that Aperture offers. If you choose Custom Name with an option, such as Custom Name with Index, a Name Text field appears in which you add the text for Aperture to use.
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