10: How Can Aperture Make My Workflow Smoother in .NET

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10: How Can Aperture Make My Workflow Smoother
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10.2 The Previews preferences pane lets you adjust how Aperture creates its photo previews.
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Use embedded JPEG from camera when possible. We recommend selecting this option so that rather than having to open your RAW file and generate a preview (which takes processing time), Aperture uses the camera-created JPEG that some cameras automatically create when you take the photo. Share previews with iLife and iWork. Use this pop-up menu to choose when Aperture updates its data file that contains information about your previews. Because we leave Aperture running most of the time, we leave this set to Always. Leaving it set to Always (rather than When quitting Aperture or Never) also makes it so we never wonder why other iApps aren t seeing our latest previews. Photo Preview. This pop-up menu controls the dimensions for your previews. We leave these set to monitor resolution so that full-screen slide shows look good using previews rather than the original files. Preview JPEGs are easier for computers to open and process instead of the full RAW files. Photo Preview quality. Use this slider to adjust the JPEG compression setting in your previews. A higher quality means less compression. We find a value around 8 to be a good balance between quality and disk size. To turn off automatic preview generation for an existing project, select the project in the Library Inspector and deselect Maintain Previews for Project from the Library
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Inspector Action pop-up menu.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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Generating previews
You re probably asking yourself how and when we create previews for our images, since we turn off automatic preview generation. Our workflow is to only create previews for images once we ve done an initial ratings and adjustment pass. Typically we filter a project to show the images we rated as 3-star and higher and then create previews for those files. To create previews, select the images in Browser, Control+click them, and choose Update Preview. Aperture will show its progress in the Activity window. If an image already has a preview, Update Preview won t regenerate the preview. If Aperture thinks your preview is up to date but you re not seeing your latest adjustments, select the image, Option+Control+click it, and select Generate Preview. To delete an image s preview, select the image, Control+click it, and choose Delete Preview.
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Previews and stacks
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When you use the media browser in the iApps to browse your Aperture library, you might have noticed that you don t see the full contents of your stacks. Aperture only displays the stack pick. Aperture does respect the album pick (if it s different than the main stack pick) and displays the album pick in that album in the media browser. If you want to see the full contents of the stack, then make a new Smart Album with the image and select the Ignore stack groupings option. Once you create a preview for an image, you can drag it from Aperture and drop it onto another program. If you drag an image that isn t a stack pick, Aperture correctly
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drags that image s preview rather than the stack pick.
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Working with Multiple Libraries
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At some point, you will end up with a second library. You might create one to separate your work and personal images, or perhaps you ll create one library for each year s worth of wedding shoots that you archive and remove from your main drive at the end of the year. Or perhaps you have more than one computer, such as a laptop and desktop, and you have a library on each computer. Whatever the reason, it s good to know how to use multiple libraries with Aperture. In previous versions of Aperture, it was a little clunky to work with multiple libraries and to move images among them. Fortunately, Aperture 3 has simplified this whole process.
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