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Because the rule of thumb for service providers says they are responsible for everything they install, that means you are responsible for everything they didn t install. This works out fairly cleanly regarding physical network components, but can get messy inside the computer when considering added software. If your broadband access connection looks like mine, with the termination point from the service provider right next to the cable and DSL modem, you won t have many trouble spots to check. In my case, one connecting cable goes from the cable and DSL modem to the routers supporting my internal network. You probably won t have two broadband access points and two internal networks, but having both makes it easy for me to see how similar they are in many respects. If your broadband access connection runs over your home telephone wiring to reach your router or computer, you have many more potential trouble spots. Phone wires that work ne with voice signals can have trouble carrying DSL. Wall jacks that have been painted over may have paint on the connections that weaken or stop the signal on one or more of the telephone wires. Phone cords receive an amazing amount of abuse as they are often stepped on, rolled over
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170 Part II Practicing Safe Broadband
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with wheeled of ce chairs, and serve as puppy teething rings. If the phone cord connecting your router to the telephone jack can be stepped on, it will be stepped on. The links between your router and your computer(s) offers another group of potential problems, all of which you must x on your own. After all, even if the phone or cable company sold you the home or small business networking equipment, they aren t responsible for how you re using the products. Ethernet Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) wires look much like phone cords but are almost always thicker and have a larger connector on the end (the connector is an RJ45 with eight wires for Ethernet versus an RJ11 with four wires for telephones, if you re curious). But as with wire, repeated stomping, mashing, rolling over, or bending will eventually break it down. Even if the wire doesn t break completely, the damage will cause network problems. After your wiring physically reaches your computer, potential problems remain. Network interface cards rarely break, but it can happen. Much more often, some software con guration in a computer changes and makes it appear the network card quit. Never start yelling at your Internet service provider about problems until you take a careful look at what s changed in your computer. Any software installation or recon guration can impact network functionality. It doesn t always make sense, but computers are only logical, not sensible. Table 8-3 gathers together some problems and the responsible party.
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Table 8-3 More Potential Trouble Spots in Broadband Service
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Problem Cable/DSL modem Substandard wiring Wiring damage Router problems Computer hardware Computer software Location Your home Inside your walls Patch cables between devices Your network router Your computer(s) Your computer(s) How Common Rare More common as wiring ages Somewhat rare to often Rare, but increases with each change Rare Every change increases chance Responsibility Owner of modem You You Owner of router You You and operating system vendor
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You can see that the demarcation point sits in the middle of multiple potential problems. Looking at lists like these, I sometimes feel it s amazing anything ever works.
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8 Examining Your Home Broadband Hookup
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Why should you care which party holds responsibility for each potential trouble spot Because when you call your service provider to x something that s your responsibility, you must pay for the repair. Sometimes the provider charges far more than you expect, but after the work is done you re stuck paying the bill. That s when knowing your responsibilities hits home and sticks.
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