Figure 8-1: Not sure it s art, but it s an interesting gallery. in .NET

Print qrcode in .NET Figure 8-1: Not sure it s art, but it s an interesting gallery.
Figure 8-1: Not sure it s art, but it s an interesting gallery.
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Notice that Rolf at references the term DOCSIS. This acronym stands for Data Over Cable Service Interface Speci cations. The DOCSIS standard was created and is maintained by Cable Television Laboratories, Inc., at This group was founded by cooperating cable television companies back in 1988 and started testing cable
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8 Examining Your Home Broadband Hookup
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modems for compliance to standards that enable any cable modem to connect to any cable provider head-end equipment. Even if you want to buy your own cable modem, your choices remain severely restricted. At the other end of the cable line, at the Head-End of ce, the equipment must communicate sync with your cable modem. If they don t communicate exactly, you don t have service. DOCSIS standards aim for mixing and matching of equipment; but your cable broadband provider may not have upgraded its head-end equipment to the latest models. It may have a mix of open standard and proprietary head-end equipment. It may have proprietary management tools that work only with a certain model of client cable modem. It may have a distribution contract with one of the cable modem vendors and make a few bucks extra off each one installed. If your cable broadband service provider allows you to purchase your own cable modem, and you can save money by doing so, it still may not be a great idea. Who handles the warranty in that situation If it s the cable modem manufacturer, you would have to send the cable modem back and wait several weeks for any repairs. You would lose your cable broadband service for that length of time because you have no cable modem to connect your computer(s) to the cable. Bummer. When your cable company upgrades or changes its service con guration, it has no responsibility to update your privately owned cable modem. Any type of upgrade may disable your cable modem, or at least force you to scramble around and upgrade your cable modem yourself. If your cable broadband service provider allows you to purchase your own cable modem and you wish to do so, there are many places in the real world where you can comparison shop online. Check your favorite computer retailer, and don t forget the more general suppliers, such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Of ce Depot, Of ce Max, and Staples among others. Prices range far under a hundred dollars for a wide variety of cable modems. When the new 2.0 DOCSIS compatibility speci cation becomes widespread, the equation may change in favor of buying your own cable modem. Until then, however, you may want to look at Table 8-1 and see if the upside is worth the potential downside for your purchase.
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Table 8-1 Pros and Cons of Buying Your Own Cable Modem
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Pros Save money on your monthly cable broadband bill Get the features you want, such as wireless support or an included router and rewall Cons Cable provider responsible for warranty and maintenance on modem If you buy a non-DOCSIS complaint modem, cable provider may upgrade to DOCSIS making your modem obsolete Continued
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166 Part II Practicing Safe Broadband Table 8-1 (continued)
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Pros Get the size and form you want Cons You may move and your new cable broadband service doesn t support your old cable modem Separate units make repairs or upgrades possible without replacing everything
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All-in-one unit convenience
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Choosing whether to supply your own modem is one of those situations in which what I think, and experts recommend, matters far less than what you think. It s your modem, your service, and you can make your own choice. The new DOCSIS 2.0 standard may change the equation a bit, but probably not until 2006 or so. I let my cable provider supply my cable modem. (I lease it, of cially.) That came in handy when Comcast replaced my fading old unit with a nice new unit. My cost for that replacement and service call Zero.
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